Monday, August 18, 2014

My Oscar

Well I just had to show you all a few cute photos of my dear little dog, Oscar.  He is an apricot Toy Poodle, and hubbie and I just adore him.  I got him in May 2004 when he was about 10 weeks old, so he is over 10 years old now.
Actually for a toy poodle, that is not very old, as they can live up to the ripe old age of 17 or more, but our dear little Oscar has a "leaky valve" to his heart, so we could lose him at any time really.  Every time we take him to the Vet (for various reasons)... the Vet is always concerned at the "significant" heart murmur he has, and he has been on medication for it for quite some time.
It causes him to cough quite badly, as his lungs basically have fluid in them all the time.  When he has been in one position for a long time, he does cough a lot when he gets up to move.
He still acts like a little puppy though, and loves us to throw the ball for him to retrieve.  He has learnt a number of tricks, and the Residents at my dear Mum and Dad's Nursing Home used to love us bringing him in to see them, and watch him perform his tricks.  Last night, I just could not miss out on this photo opportunity of Oscar "helping" his Dad on the computer!
When I got him in 2004 it was not long after we had lost a little black Toy Poodle called Sophie.
I had been given some news concerning my health in August the year before, which meant I was unable to drive, to work, to cook, to hang out washing, and a number of other restrictions.
So dear little Oscar became my companion, and my reason to get out of bed every day.  Consequently he does have separation anxiety when I am not around, so this year has been hard for him, with me being in and out of hospital 6 times.  One admission was for 4 weeks and 4 days... so I guess he was wondering if I was ever going to come home again!
He gets quite upset when we go out and have to leave him at home alone, and has quite an "indignant" bark when we return, almost as if he is saying "Hey! You went out and left me behind!!  What was I supposed to do??  Huh?!  I didn't know when you would be coming back!!  Now please don't go anywhere again without me!"
Since my hubbie retired late last year we have thought of a number of holidays we would like to do, but we have to keep them on the "back burner" for now, as little Oscar just would not cope in a kennel, and both our girls have dogs themselves, and small children - although he is great with the little grandchildren, and they all love him too.  Oscar is an inside dog, so we can't expect them to have him.  He would fret for us anyway.
So, our holidays will just have to be put off for a while.  Oscar's unconditional love and devotion makes up for waiting to have a few holidays by a mile.
So this is my dear little dog Oscar.  He follows me everywhere, and sleeps on a towel on my bed, until I am ready to turn out the light, and then he jumps off and gets into his own bed, as I think I have accidentally kicked him off the bed one too many times for him to stay on it all night!
Hubbie and I love all animals, we are both softies.... but I have only had Toy Poodles since I was 21 due to my asthma originally, because they don't molt, but then because they are just SO intelligent.
I have had, Penny, Sophie, Mandy, Teddy and now Oscar.
Years ago we joined the Canine Association, and paid for a kennel name etc., and did breed white Toy Poodles for a while.  It was wonderful when it all went well, but it was heartbreaking when it didn't.
Even though my hubbie was a bit "oh no - not a little fluffy lap dog" when we first met, it did not take him long to be converted to realising how clever Toy Poodles are, and that also, having a small dog instead of a large one had a number of good points.
So here is my little cute dog Oscar... my constant companion... he loves me unconditionally, and I love him too.

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  1. I love your story and poodles are so very smart ...we have had a few over the years, we now have a spoodle....very smart dog as well....Hi to Oscar....