Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Fractured Scapula??!! and a Baby!!

Well Hi to Everyone out there in Blogland,
I just thought I would put an update on about what has been happening in my little part of the world.
Firstly, as my post title suggests.... yes, I have a fracture of my left scapula, which to all of us non doctor's is our shoulder blade.  How on earth did I fracture my shoulder blade I hear you ask.... well it goes like this....
Since being home from hospital (on and off all year) I have had very sore shoulders, especially the left one.  I went to my GP who thought it was due to long period of inactivity and also coming off the huge doses of Cortisone as that is, among other things, an anti-inflammatory.
Also, having gained about 12kg from all the Cortisone puts more pressure on all your joints, and I noticed getting in an out of bed, I would reach behind me and sort of "push up" to wiggle my large bottom into a more comfy position.
I went to the Physio who did some ultrasound and mild manipulation but they were too sore to do much else and he felt x rays were warranted.  I asked my GP to give me a form for an x ray but he didn't feel it was necessary, and that the increase in pain was probably from Bursitis.
Then about 10 days ago I reached forward from my comfy leather chair in the Family Room to my little table which has my Nebuliser on it as I was due for another neb, when I felt a strange sort of "twang" almost like an overstretched rubber band breaking, and it really hurt.
I went back to the GP a couple of days later and told him the pain was worse, and what had happened, and could he PLEASE send me for an x ray... so he finally gave me the form for an ultra-sound.  I think I got in the following day, and they wanted to do normal x rays before the ultra sound, as that is their standard practise.
I had about 5 rather uncomfortable views done, and went back to wait for my ultrasound to be done.
The Radiographer sat me in a chair to do it, and although she was trying to be gentle it was hurting in various places, and there were certain movements I just could not make.  She went to get another Radiographer and they tried a few things, and I could hear them whispering and they kept asking me "does that hurt?" etc.
I asked them did it look fairly bad as my GP thought I might have had a Rotator Cuff Injury and Bursitis, and they said, "hmmm...yes it is quite bad"  so I laughed and said well as least I could justify to my hubbie why I have been grizzling about the pain all the time (as I think he was getting sick and tired of hearing about it).
Anyway, after a while they said, "we are just going to get the Doctor" - they were gone for ages, and of course you start to think "oh dear what have they found?"
Finally he came in and asked if I had a recent fall? - no - "Had I had a car accident?" - no - just the reaching for the table etc.  That was when he told me "Well you actually have a significant fracture of the left scapula or shoulder blade!"   I was really surprised, but it did explain why I was in so much pain at least.  He wanted me to wait for the reports and see my GP straight afterwards.
It was a different GP this time and he put the x rays up on his light box to show us the fracture, and it is about 8cm? or about 3 inches long, and wide enough at the top to put a match in it!!
Of course you can't plaster your shoulder blade, so I just have to wear a sling during the day for about 4 weeks and then start some gentle exercises.
Having Osteoporosis has contributed to it of course, and I was diagnosed with that many years ago, brought on probably by a life of asthma medication of steroids (cortisone).  I am on medication now and have regular Bone Density scans and the levels have improved a little bit at the last test a few months ago.
All this has put a stop to my knitting... which is a bummer!!  I was really enjoying knitting again, and had decided I might give the little mouse Caja I have already finished to my oldest granddaughter for her 7th birthday next month, and then give each grandchild one when they are about 6 or 7 so they will look after them properly, as there is a lot of work in making them.  They are not hard, but it does take time.
I made a mistake in my earlier post about where I got my pattern from.... it is from Mary Jane's Tearoom on Etsy (not Craftsy) and that particular pattern is called Cornish Mice.  They are just adorable, and the designer, who has the very pretty name of .... Susan.... he he is very talented.  Check out her dear little knitted dolls.  I have just bought that pattern, and also her very cute little Rabbits.
So... craft wise I am a bit "stuck" until my shoulder heals, and then I will be back into it again.
Hopefully too I will feel better asthma wise and be able to run my Stitching Group here each Friday fortnight where we all do our own thing, but I teach quilting and embroidery if anyone is interested.
I miss the group and the chatting is as much a part of the fun as the sewing that we do together.  I also want to get back to going to Dawn Hay's Tuesday Sewing group, Dawn is a friend of over 26 years.... she has the blog As Sweet As Cinnamon.if you want to look there too.
As mentioned before Susan of Mary Jane's Tearoom also has a blog if you want to read about her designs and see the lovely things she makes.
Well, that is all from me today.  Wherever you are in the world, drop me a comment, and better yet become a Follower, I love to hear from you all.
Big Hugs and Blessings from Sue xx
Oh!!  Almost forgot my very exciting news... I am going to be a Nanny again to Dear Daughter Number 2 (the one in the bridal gown on the right).  Baby is due next February.  I can't wait!  She and her husband already have a darling little boy who will be almost 3 when their new bub arrives... so watch this space early next year!  Bye xx

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