Thursday, July 10, 2014

Knitting Fun

Well, I must be feeling a bit better, as I have been doing some knitting.  I am not really well enough to get back to quilting, as I am still needing regular nebulisers etc., but a week or so ago I decided I could manage to sit and knit.  A friend of mine, Dawn of As Sweet As Cinnamon had put a dear little mouse photo she was knitting on Facebook, and I thought it was very cute.  So I found the pattern on Craftsy, and bought the pattern from Janes Tea Rooms.
Fortunately Spotlight were having a sale on knitting wool etc., so I chose the colours that I wanted, and got started on the little girl mouse called Caja.  Here I have stuffed & sewn up the head, and I am about to sew on the little ears.
It has been a lot more work than I thought it would be, but I have enjoyed making it all the same. Here is the little head, all finished with her cute little eyes and sewn on pink nose.
Here is the body all sewn up, ready to have the head sewn on...
So here she is, with her little head sewn on, just waiting for me to sew her little dress and red boots.
I finally finished sewing on her little boots just as Midsomer Murders finished on tv last night... so here is the finished product - I am really happy how she has turned out, so I might make another one, perhaps the little boy one this time.  It is the same pattern, but he is wearing little overalls instead of a dress.
We have been having quite cold, rainy weather here... so it has been nice to be inside in the warm, just watching tv and knitting.  One of the many joys of being retired I guess.
It is great now that my hubbie is retired too, although the days of the week do just fly by as we seem to be quite busy.  On Mondays we look after our youngest grandchild... a dear little boy.... he was 2 in March. Here he is with my hubbie.
 Actually I have not been able to look after him at all this year, due to my 6 hospital admissions, and then even when I have been home I have been too unwell to go with him to look after our little grandson

 I did plan to give it to him for his 2nd birthday back in March, but of 
course as mentioned in previous posts I have been in and out of hospital ever since New Year's Eve.  So I have done no quilting or sewing on my machine at all this year.  
 Here is a photo of the quilt I am making for him.. I hope I can get it finished in time for his 3rd birthday next year.  It will be almost a single bed size when it is finished.  I made up the design myself, and I used my Accuquilt Baby Go to cut out all the tumbler blocks.

Here is a photo of my 2 little granddaughters, sorry the photo is a bit blurry - my hands get shaky from all the Ventolin.
My daughter & her 2 little girls came to see me one day while I was in hospital, and while we sat and chatted the girls lay on my bed watching the tv - I thought it made a good photo opportunity.
I did finish a quilt for my friend's 60th birthday in October last year, and I was really happy with how it turned out.  I made it from Moda's "Summer's Breeze" Jelly Roll with some plain white jelly roll pieces too. The design is called "Summer in the Park" from the Missouri Quilt Company.  I love their tutorials... they have some really great designs using pre-cut fabrics.  I was really pleased with how it turned out, and my friend was really happy with it... so it makes all the hard work worth it when you see the look on their face when they first see their quilt.  I had chosen the colours to suit my friend's holiday home, and she was really thrilled with it - a number of people at the party admired it too, so all the hours that you put into making a quilt & putting a hole in your finger from sewing on the binding (!!) just fades into the background when you get all that positive feedback!
I really do love doing quilting, especially ones with stitcheries.  I have made a couple that are almost finished, they just need to be put together.  Libby Richardson's "Teddy's Garden Treasures" was one of the first quilts I ever made, and it is really a gorgeous design so I must get that one finished too.  I do have lots of UFO's - do you?  I seem to get side tracked by something else I like, and so I don't always finish the one I am doing before I start on the next one.  Do you do that too?
Bye for now....Cheers!

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