Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hiya Gals,
Thankyou so much for your encouraging words :0)  -  it IS great to be back in the Blog world too.  I am hoping to show you some projects I am working on at the moment soon.
I have just come home from hospital.. (yes.. again!)  I think I said I had a chest infection, well that made my asthma worse, so ended up having to call an ambulance last Sunday morning, and I just got home late yesterday (Tuesday) - I will always remember where I was the day the new Prince Of England was born!
Anyway, I am on the mend and thankful to be home in my own comfy bed and big comfy chair again... one of the first things I did was to fall asleep
Ha.. ha.. very hard to sleep in hospital when you are on oxygen, regular obs, and having ventolin regularly too.  I had not been sleeping well before I went in either because I was having trouble managing my asthma... probably left it too long to go into hospital again.  (I got "told off" again... naughty girl... many people die of asthma every year, and it is SO preventable)!!   I have to start taking it more seriously.
I just always keep thinking.. "oh.. I'll be okay,  oh... I'll be okay..."  until very suddenly I am NOT okay, and then I need the ambulance pretty quick.
They were great.  I was home alone, as hubbie had been sleeping in another room as I was unwell, and up at all hours of the night using my nebuliser, and I should have left him a note not to go to Church, but when he woke up I was asleep, so he didn't want to disturb me, and off he went.
When I woke up, I did not feel too great, but typically wanted to have a shower etc., and ... well anyway I tried to contact hubbie a few times, then gave up and rang the ambulance. Which is much safer anyway, the ambulance guys told us last year to ring them, that you never get into trouble for calling an ambulance for breathing problems or chest pain.  Even if they settle you at home and don't need to take you to hospital, they would rather you ring them, than die in the car with your spouse.
My local hospital were brilliant.. again... and I was admitted until as I said, late yesterday.
So just have to take it easy for a little while until I can get back to doing stuff... but hopefully might feel well enough today to do some knitting.  I can't do stitching just yet as the ventolin makes my hands shake too much.
Hope you are all well out there in blogger land.
Oh.. by the way, can anyone tell me how to take off my "do not contact by email thingy??"  cos I don't mind if you contact me by my email..
Sending you all big hugs xxx

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