Friday, July 26, 2013

Sunshine and Blessings!!

Oh what a beautiful sunny Winter's day we are having here in Adelaide, South  Australia today.. with a top estimated of 18 degrees Celsius (about 65 degrees F) - we are so blessed here in Adelaide, as our temperatures are very mild each season.. although sometimes we do have blistering heat waves in the Summer.
I became a Follower of a very nice blog today called Nannynotes2u as I was just browsing through some various tutorials, and blogs, and she has a great little tutorial for a little girl's bag... go have a look.  She made it without a pattern, and she explains it really well.
I am inspired to have a go at making a couple this weekend perhaps for my two little granddaughters who are 5 and 3.  They could take them to Church with their pretty dresses.
I have been feeling a bit better today, so I might even do some more knitting while still recuperating.  I recently bought some really interesting "wool" while we were on a holiday at a seaside town here in South Australia called Victor Harbor.  Here are some photos of the "wool" and the shawl/scarf that it makes
It has a variety of interested wools, and threads to knit with on large needles, Size 10mm.  It comes to you all wrapped up tight in a ball, but oh my goodness, as you knit it.. it becomes more and more tangled!!
I spent a huge amount of time untangling it every time I had knitted a few rows... so in the end I found the very end of the wool, and wound it backwards onto some stiff cardboard.  As you can see I still have a big knot to untangle, although I am on the home stretch with my black and silver one now.  Yay!!  I love knitting in front of television in the Winter.  I hate to have idle hands.. do you?  I am happy with how this is looking, and then once it is knitted.. you go back and stitch by hand the little knots and bits that might be sticking out to make it look neater.
Well, I must be feeling better if I am wanting to do some craft as I have just been sitting in my comfy chair watching television or reading since I got home from hospital.  Praise God for my nebuliser, and my medications, but most of all for all the prayers from my loved ones... as I know I will be back to feeling much better very soon.
Hope that you have some sunshine and blessings in your day today too.
Hugs from me to you xx


  1. Hi Sue! Thank you for your lovely words - I hope you enjoy making the bags - I'm here if you need any help! I would welcome any of your lovely readers at - I'll pop the kettle on!!
    I'm sorry you haven't been well and I wish you a speedy recovery - the world needs 'Nannys'!! xx

    1. Thankyou Margie, and thanks for becoming a Follower of my little blog too. I used to have quite a few people reading my blog, but I was going to close it down about 9 months ago (long story) but have decided not to.. so I am hoping people will gradually return. Go have a look at my very good friend's blog.. Dawn Hay at - she got me interested in quilting, and into blogging. She is a lovely person. Hugs x