Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi... sorry, very busy :0)

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I have not blogged for a while.  I seem to have been really busy since Christmas for some reason.
I have had lots of Specialists appointments and MRI's, Bone Density Test, Blood Tests etc., etc.,
Also now that hubbie and I have become a part of a "new" church (it's been there for 30 years, but it is new to us) we seem to be busier than ever!
We had been at another church for 20 years when we lived in our previous 2 houses, but felt that it was a good time to change when we built in this new suburb.
After praying about it, we have started going to a well known church in Gawler, which is only about 10 minutes from where we now live.
It is just amazing how quickly we have been welcomed in, and been "loved" so much by this different church.
We have only been going for about 3 months, but we are already on the Team of Pastoral Care to welcome new people in the Coffee Shop (we are rostered on for that, so it is not every week).
I have been honoured and humbled to be asked to be a part of Women's Ministry Leadership and also been asked to lead a new craft group, which I am calling Craft Connection.
I believe that God had given me the desire to share some of the craft ideas that I know for a number of years, and I always thought it would be in my own home, but His dream is much bigger!  So we start next Wednesday at the Church with 4 ladies teaching various crafts, a creche for the Mums in the group, and we will run with it from there :0)!!  Please say a prayer for us that it is a successful group, and it has a great impact and outreach into the surrounding areas for ladies needing company or friendship or ladies who just want to learn something new amongst like minded women.
I am off now to play around with a quilted tablerunner with stitcheries that I will be teaching... eeek!! 
I will show you photos later (as long as it turns out alright though!!)
I am also in the middle of making a raggy quilt for my new grandchild, due in only 7 weeks now.  I am making it with flannalette on the back, and Minkee fabric on the front.  Gorgeous fabric, Minkee, but hard to sew with, as it is stretchy ...grrr...  show you a photo later on. 
I am also helping to plan a Baby Shower that we will have here in my new house on Feb 19th for my DD2.  She is giving up work this Friday as she has quite a lot of pain in her lower back and her hips, poor thing.  Apart from that though she is keeping well, and looking radiant.
Must rush... Hugs n Blessings to you all xxx


  1. Hi Sue, you certainly are busy ! it has been nice to get to know you at our Tuesday craft group, hope to see you next week....Heather

  2. You really are a busy lady but it sounds like you have plenty of blessings. Hope all is well health wise.

  3. Sounds like you're busy, and having lots of fun. Hope you're knee is OK now?

  4. Thanks for asking Sue, actually my right knee is feeling stronger now. It is not pain free yet, especially if I walk around a bit, but it's getting there. I have booked in my left knee to be replaced on May 1st this year (had right one done the 2nd time on June 1st last year) so it will be 11 months since last surgery. They say you have to give it 12 months for rehab, but I think my right knee will cope with all my weight while my left knee begins it's looonngg recovery.
    Hugs, Sue xx