Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hi Again... I'm okay - computer dead :0(

Hi Everyone,
This is just a very quick blog to let you know that I haven't "dropped off the pirch" or anything dreadful like that.   I have been super busy with family things including a wonderful Baby Shower that we held here for my youngest daughter who is due to have her baby on 20th May, although today she is classified as 37 weeks, so that is "full term" in ob/gyn speak, so if the baby comes early it should all be fine.
We know what sex the baby with be, and I will let you all know when bubs is born, and obviously show you HEAPS of photos.  We are getting very excited as the day draws near.  Praying that everything goes well for Mum and bubs.
Anyway as I said a quick update. I have been super busy with new activities that I am involved in at our new church home quite close to where we not live.  I am running a fortnightly craft group, with 4 different teachers so far (I teach the quilting and embroidery).  Also involved in Women's Ministry in other ways too, which is just wonderful, my life is very blessed and very full.
Our "old" computer in the 4th bedroom/study has died, and then hubbie had the laptop on his lap (duh) the other night, and he tried to breathe & speak & swallow his hot cuppa all at the same time, which meant hot tea went all over the laptop!!  It has dried out, but it still doesnt want to work, so I think we will have to get a quote on repairs or buy a new one soon.  So this post is very quick while I have snaffled hubbie's work computer for a little while. Hope you are all well. Hugs n Blessings, love Sue xxx


  1. Glad to hear you're OK even if your computers aren't.

    I've been thinking of you and hoping the craft group is going well.

  2. Oh thank you Sue, I can always count on you to leave me a comment :0) and I really love hearing from you too. I do read your blog as well, but have not had as much time for blogging lately. I do feel a bit lost without a computer to play on though, on the days when I am stuck at home & not feeling well enough to sew or go out. Hugs across the miles/kilometres to you xxooxx

  3. I made a typo mistake in the last blog, but the little pencil thingy that used to let you change things in your Posts is not there anymore.. anyway, as you have probably gathered next grandchild is due in MARCH not May!! I also wrote "not" and meant to write "now" - oops.. nobody's perfect