Friday, March 9, 2012

Not much to tell

Hi everyone,
I havent got much news 'cos it is almost 1am and I am getting very tired and cant think of anything very witty to say... both computers are still out of action.
We will have to get the laptop repaired I think.  I am just borrowing hubbie's laptop while I was still awake and thought I would say "Hi"
Oh.. also a big "Hello" to all the gals who have gone over to Tasmania for their Quilting Retreat for the next few days.  You might read about it here, as Dawn from As Sweet As Cinnamon is one who is over there now.  I would have loved to have gone too, but not the right timing for me - but maybe next time.
Oh... I did have something interesting happen to me this week.  I went on the Radio!!
No.. dont get all excited for me, and think that I have this fab new job as a Radio Host.
One of the ladies from my church does some "spots" on a community radio station in the famous Barossa Valley, called Barossa BBB.  She heard about my craft group at church one day at a ladies only event, and asked if I would like to come onto the radio one day and give it a "plug" (let people know the details basically).  So I jumped at the chance!
I sat and chatted to her for over half an hour at the Studio in Tanunda, and I hope lots of ladies listened and it will encourage them to come to Craft Connection.
It was great fun, and I would be happy to do it again.
Well, thats all from me at the moment.  Hope you are all well and happy in your part of the world :0)
Hugs n Blessings from Sue xxx


  1. So now you're famous then! Were you very nervous about being on the radio? I think I'd have been scared silly. I hope it brings you lots of new members.

  2. Thanks Sue, actually I was nervous when I arrived, but I was sitting in a chair with the microphone close but I could make eye contact with Marilyn, who runs that section of the radio show, so I just basically spoke to her as if it was just us speaking. She said I did well, and I could come back another time to advertise it again. Yes, hoping that lots of ladies who would benefit from some fun and friendship will find us and come along! Thanks for your encouragement Sue, you are such a lovely person :0) xxooxx