Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year

Well Happy New Year to everyone!  How do you like my new look for my Blog?  I thought I would spruce it up a bit, as I had the other pattern for some time.  I am still having trouble changing some colours and things, so I will have to get some help to work those things out.
I hope that you have all started your New Year well, with new projects to do, and fun things planned.
We had our little granddaughter Sugarplum come over last Friday, and we went to the shops for a few things, then came back home and got ready to go to the beach.
Little Sugarplum was SO excited, she just sang and chatted all the way (about a 50 minute drive).  She couldnt wait to get into the water, and as we have had a few quite warm days, the water was just lovely, not cold at all.
I only went in up to my knees, but Sugarplum went a bit deeper with Grandpa.  He played in the water with her for ages, and had her on his back with arms around his neck while he swam a bit, and he gave her "whizzies" in the water, etc., etc.  She kept saying things like "Oh this is SO fun!!" etc.
We had a really lovely time.  We took Oscar too as he had never seen the beach, and he had a little swim too, and seemed to enjoy it as well.
Afterwards we had tea in the car from MacDonalds, and when Sugarplum had finished, she handed me the paper etc., and said "That was SO delicious!!"  So I think the fresh air and exercise gave her an appetite.  She chatted and sang for about half an hour on the way home, and then it went all quiet in the back seat.... and, yes, she had fallen asleep.
When we got home I gave her a quick bath to get all the sand etc., off, and she was tucked into bed with a toy, and we left the little light on for her.
Actually when I first showed her the 4th bedroom with the bed all made up ready for her with it's pretty cushions etc., she said "Oh, Nanny, this is SO beautiful!!"  He..he.. she is so cute, and so easy to look after.  She has excellent manners, always saying "Please" and "Thankyou" - even to total strangers when they comment on her beautiful hair, (I think she is used to the comments on her hair by now).
So, we all had a lovely time, and then the following morning she didnt wake up until about 8.45am, and she walked into my bedroom (I was sitting up reading), and said "Hello Nanny, it's morningday now!" :0)
I had planned to do lots of things with her that day, make biscuits, watch a dvd, go to the playground, and teach her some sewing, but unfortunately I had a migraine come on fairly suddenly, so we had to take her home mid morning instead.  Hubbie dropped her home, after he had dropped me off at the doctor's.  I was just SO disappointed :0( -  I just hate it when I get a migraine, as they just put a stop to any of the plans I have made for that day, and often the next 2 days as well.  So infuriating!  I guess I just have to remember that there will be other times Sugarplum can come over for another sleepover, and we can still do all those other fun things together.
This is gorgeous Sugarplum with a present from an Aunty a couple of days after Christmas
I am really keen to teach her, and Ladybird to sew while they are young, as I often read about quilters who learnt to sew, & knit etc., from their Grandmother, and I think that is so lovely.  When my two daughters were little I could sew and knit and do many crafts, but I didnt actually do any, as I worked either 2 part-time jobs, or I had a full time job, and also did some extra jobs then too!  We were just not in the position for me to not work, so I would just collapse in the chair after tea and doing dishes, and getting the girls to bed etc., and "veg out" for a few hours before going to bed, and then starting the whole ritual again the following day.
Weekends were always full of "work" too, as there was cleaning, shopping, washing, ironing etc., to be done, and on the days when we had hubbie's 2 girls over on a weekend, he spent FOUR hours in the car, as they lived an hour away from us, so he would pick them up Sat morning, and take them back late on Sunday.  So that always took a big chunk our of our weekend.
We didnt have any money to take them anywhere special, so they usually just played outside, and played with our 2 girls, doing "dress ups" and playing board games or playing in the cubby house etc., so they still had fun.
It was hard though, having to manage paying Maintenance until hubbie's oldest was 21, and the youngest was 18 as the law here back then was that you had to pay until they finished their first degree (and the eldest did a Nursing Degree at Uni) or they worked full time (which is what the youngest one did straight from school).  Times were pretty tough back then, but thank heavens we got through it all, and we have paid for or helped pay for FOUR beautiful weddings now, and have still managed to build this lovely home etc. - I do feel just so blessed by God, as He knew the desires of my heart, and how much I wanted to have a new home again.  I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that I am really here in this lovely home that I dreamed of having for SO long.
So I start this New Year feeling very blessed and happy, and hopeful that this new Craft Connection endeavour starting soon at our church will be successful, and it will attract many ladies wanting to do a variety of crafts.
I am also looking forward to the birth of my next grandchild in March - we are all very excited about that, and cant wait!
I am also hoping to go back to a couple of the quilting groups I used to go to this year, as such a big part of last year was spent recuperating after my knee was replaced again!  (See earlier posts).
I  know that this year I will have to get my left knee replaced as well, but I know that it just has to be done, so I will have to "grit my teeth" and just do it!!
So, that is my latest news.... I do hope that the New Year will bring you all much happiness and joy, and many wonderful moments with your families and your friends.
Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx

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  1. Well it sounds like you had a great time at the beach, even if your plans for the next day had to be cancelled. Hope the migraine's well and truly gone now.

    Happy New Year too.