Friday, August 12, 2011

Home again...

Well, I've survived the teeth removal surgery, and 3 days later am not feeling too bad really.  A bit sore, and still swollen - feel a bit like someone punched me in the mouth. (Not that I have actually ever had that happen!!)
Thankyou to everyone who sent their good wishes and prayers for me, I really appreciate all your comments too.
Well today I am about to tackle something in the way of sewing on my darling Bernina 440.... I have missed her SO MUCH.  We used to go out together at least once a week (even though she weighs a tonne)... but I have missed our time together, and I am now at the point where if I dont plug her in and thread her up to do SOMETHING I am going to go crazy!!
I have found some bits n pieces to work on, and the tutorials on the Missouri Star Quilt Company website are fabulous to give you quick ideas of something to do with a charm pack or a layer cake etc.
So, just a quick post to say "Hi" and I am off to do some SEWING!!  YAY!!
Hugs n Blessings from Sue x


  1. Ouch! Feel better and enjoy playing with your 'darling Bernina 440'....grin.

  2. I hope you have had some fun today, and look forward to hearing what you and your "darling" have been creating together.

  3. I heard one knows a quilter is on the mend when the sewing machine comes out. Glad you are feeling better. Have a wonderful day!