Monday, August 8, 2011

To Hospital.....again!!!

Yes, I am off to hospital again tomorrow!!  Thankfully though this time it is only for a fairly minor operation.  I have to have 2 teeth removed, but it is still a bit unpleasant, as it involves cutting the gums and some other gorey details that the Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgeon explained to me.  When I looked worried, he said "dont worry, I've read some books!"  He was quite nice really, and tried to put me at ease, as I hate anything dental with a PASSION!!  What about you?  I get the shakes, and my stomach churns, I am just terrified of anything dental!!
I have had my wisdom teeth out, but that was years ago, and I just had that done in the dentists surgery, but this will involve stitches in my gums, and a general anaesthetic, and.... and.... ooohh.... I just dont want to think about it.... I am SO SCARED!!
I have to keep telling myself that nothing, just absolutely nothing could be as bad as what I went through having my knee replaced.  So if I can get through that, I should be able to get through ANYTHING!!
I still cant drive, but hubbie and I went down to see the parents on the weekend, and I managed okay for the long trip in the car.  Although it was a long day, we left home at 2.30pm and got back at 8pm!!  It is quite tiring too, as my dear Mum is difficult to talk to. 
We took Oscar with us, and as always, he was a big hit with all the Residents in the Nursing Home, so I did a bit of "show and tell" with him, which was nice (I used to work at that Nursing Home, and often took in one of our little poodles for some Pet Therapy).  My Dad is still going quite well, which is amazing considering we thought we would lose him in February!  He has also had a spell in hospital, for a blood transfusion and an iron infusion, and some other tests.  We spoke to him about maybe going back onto the insulin injections to help increase & improve his life, and he said he would think about it.
Hubbie's Mum is doing really well, especially considering she will be 92 in November this year!  She lives alone in the family home, and still drives, but only locally.  She is really quite amazing for her age mentally too.
While we were there, I went outside to look in the big shed (where we still have heaps of stuff stored), and I put my right foot down on the edge of a risen thing, and down I went!!!  I think I rolled about 3 times!!  Hubbie heard me yell and came to help me, but I just had to sit on the ground for a while to make sure that I was okay - it scared me, and it *&#^* hurt too!  I was very blessed though, as I have Osteoporosis and I didnt break anything, so I count myself as very lucky!
Well, I have to be at the hospital at 7am in the morning, so need to get some stuff together.  I am hoping I dont have to stay overnight, but they have warned me that I may need to, so to bring all my bits n pieces just in case.
So back to hospital tomorrow for me, but this time only for something minor, and only for a short time - ya gotta be thankful for that!
Until next time, Hugs n Blessings from Sue x


  1. Keep good thoughts and prayers for you Sue.

  2. Hope all goes well - actually, with the time difference I should say I hope all has gone well.

    I'll be thinking of you anyway, and yes, I'm terrified of dentists too (and one of my grandfathers was a dentist, so I shouldn't feel like that about them should I?)