Sunday, July 10, 2011

News and stuff.....

Hi everyone, I am sorry I havent posted anything for so long.... it is not like I am leading a very busy life or anything, as most days I could tell you what time it was by what is on tv!
Yes, I am just basically stuck in my comfy chair all day with my legs up, recovering and recuperating from the most horrible surgery (sorry to anyone who needs a knee replacement) you can imagine having.... well obviously there are worse surgeries one could have.... I am exaggerating just a bit..... but it was pretty *&@#!* bad!!!!!!
Anyhoo....I do intend to give you some of the gory photos and maybe have a good whinge about how horrible it all was, as I think I need to get this out of my system, but also because I have a lovely friend who has asked me to do some more posts, as she likes reading them :0) isnt that nice?
Mind you, once she sees the photos of my knee when I was in hospital she might think twice about reading my posts !!
I really truly thought that the worst pain you could ever possibly go through was to have a baby - the "old fashioned" way I mean, no epidural or anything, just a bit of laughing gas to "help" - but since this knee operation I have realised that child birth is a piece of cake compared to having a full knee replacement!!!
Anyway, it is late now, (almost 1am) and I am tired so I will do the post with the photos another day.... but you cant say that I didnt warn you now, can you... hmm?
So if you have a strong stomach, watch this space, if not, ummm..... well, if not just speed past that post onto the next one, ok?
Hugs n blessings to all of you.... talk again soon.
Love Sue xx

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