Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Follower!

What a nice surprise for me today, to find that I have another Follower!  Thankyou Di - I tried to send you a message, I just hovered my mouse over your image, and then clicked on you (gosh that sounds funny, doesnt it anyway I wasnt able to send you a private message, so I thought I would say thankyou in a new post!
I really appreciate all my Followers so much!  I find it amazing that anyone wants to be bothered to read my ramblings actually, cos my family are usually pretty bored with them :0)
Hubbie especially is always telling me to "hurry up and get to the point" - as I tend to talk in paragraphs rather than in sentences.  I can remember my school reports always saying things like ... " Susan would do much better if she was not so talkative" etc., etc.,
I just cant help it though really, it is just the way that I am... perhaps that is why I was really successful when I did spruiking as a bit of a part-time job for a number of years.  I remember many times the Jewellers/Dress Shop or whatever, sending staff out to me to please stop spruiking for a while, as they couldnt keep up with all the customers that were coming in!!  Ha..ha..
I did quite enjoy doing spruiking, the only bad part was being on your feet for so many hours at a time, but I was always booked for more work.  I found it quite challenging too, as there is no script to go by, you just have to talk about the products you are promoting that day, and you need to have in your mind the next few sentences ready, while you are saying something else, and really create a sense of excitement about all these fab "specials" or whatever you are promoting.
I did a lot of jewellery stores over the years, especially when they were having genuine sales, so consequently, I have lots of nice pieces of jewellery!!  I never could resist a bargain....I would sometimes have about 9 lay bys going all at the one time!!
Also, having 2 daughters and 2 step-daughters gave me plenty of reasons to buy nice things when they were on sale.
I have had lots of jobs actually, let me think.....hmm....I will try to list all the full time ones first, and then add the part-time ones I have done too.
Straight from school onwards - Junior Stenographer/Receptionist/Secretary/Doctor's Secretary/Air Hostess/Pharmacy Assistant/Receptionist/Secretary/Specialist's Secretary/Diversional Therapist.
Now the part-time ones (there are heaps, I dont think I will actually remember them all) Phamacy Assistant/New Homes Hostess/Demonstrator at Supermarkets/Modelling & Photgraphic Modelling/Call Centre/ (not THAT KIND of call centre!!!! - I mean like a telemarketing type Call Centre, tsk...tsk... )Spruiking/Promotional work/Cleaning/Ironing/ - well that's enough anyway - certainly pretty varied over the years.
I did enjoy being a Diversional Therapist as my last full time position, as I had to do Tertiary Education to beome one, and I did really feel like I made a difference in the lives of the Residents I helped (I worked in Aged Care) although, now that both my parents are in a Nursing Home, I can see the lack of things that I would have been doing - but I have to remember that I am not there 24/7 so I probably dont see lots of the good things that go on.
Write and tell me what you have done for a job in your life too, I would love to hear!  All of our lives are so varied, I find it amazing sometimes to look back and remember how I was an Air Hostess!  It seems like forever ago.... I know they call them Flight Attendants now, but I cant get out of the habit of saying Air Hostess.  I did really love that too, although I didnt like the shift work type of hours.
I think it is amazing how we are expected to know what we want to do with our lives when we are only about 17 or so, as that is SO YOUNG isnt it?  I can remember thinking that I would have liked to be a hairdresser, or a draftsman, or a commercial artist (that was what my Dad did) or an interior designer, or even maybe a nurse!  Then of course it turned out that I did none of those things!
I still have a hankering to do interior design, but now with my health the way it is, it is just not possible.  Wouldnt it be great if we could have a little peep into our future when we are young, just to help us work out what area we would really enjoy working in?   Hmmm....wish I knew then, what I know now! 
Still, life is not like that, is it, and we all have different paths to take.... it is how you cope with the things that life throws at you that is important I guess.
I have a fabulous friend (we have been friends for, umm 44 years so far) and she is very wise, and one of her greatest messages to me was to tell me one day (I was having a "if only... if only... whinge) and she said to me, "Sue, none of us makes the wrong decision deliberately.  At any given time in our life, we are faced with circumstances, we weigh up the facts, and we make a decision - we dont go out and deliberately make the wrong decision, do we?  We make the right decision, given all the facts that we have at the time, - so there is no point in looking back and beating ourselves up over things we did in the past. We did what was right at that time."
How great is that???  I told you she was wise!  It has certainly made me feel SO much better about things in my past that I am not so proud of.... and realise that in fact, I DID do the right thing at that time!
Well, peeps.... I guess that is my Philosophy lesson for today
Leave me a comment, or write to my email (  Hugs n blessings from Sue xx


  1. Good to see you back in blogland again.

    Yoour friend is so right isn't she? No-one deliberately makes the wrong decision do they?

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