Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's talk.....

Well, "HI" - if you regularly read my blog you might notice that I have removed a number of the gorey photos of my knee replacement (just left one) as I thought that the others were on there long enough to make plenty of people feel a bit sick...ha...ha...sorry, didnt really mean to make you all feel a bit yuck....but they were yucky photos, cos of course the whole thing is quite a gorey/yucky business.  They say that having a knee replaced is the most painful elective surgery you can have, and whoever "they" are.... I would tend to agree with them!
Still, I am about 7 weeks further along since the operation now, and obviously feeling heaps better.  I can straighten my right leg really well, it's the bending it that is difficult, but at my last Physio appt. he was quite impressed, and thought that I was probably at about 60 degrees already.  (They get you to aim for a 90 degree bend).  It still hurts, and it feels very tight, but that is the swelling still I am told, and as the swelling decreases it will make it easier to move it.  The exercises hurt, but they must be done, as I dont want to think that I have gone through all of this and then I dont end up with a great/useful knee at the end.  Then I will have to do it all again for the left knee....hmm.....might put that off for a bit actually.
I have to go into hospital again in about 3 weeks, just an overnight visit this time to have 2 teeth pulled out.
This will be my 4th admission into hospital this year, so we dont even have to pay a gap this time!!  Ha..ha..Medibank Private probably hate us, as we actually get to use quite a lot of our "insurance" normally on me - nothing too drastic ever happens to hubbie, although there have been a few problems over the years.  Still, not like me.....we even reached Safety Net for prescriptions in the 3rd week of February this year!!  We would go in to a different chemist and say, "oh, I have a Safety Net card" and they would say "oh, no... that would be from last year, it goes by calendar year" - so I would have to bring it out to show them that it was in fact for 2011, and yes, we HAD spent $1635.00 by the 3rd week of February on prescriptions etc., (or however much it was, I cant remember now).
So, I guess when hubbie made his wedding vows to me about "in sickness and in health" he didnt really know what he was getting himself in for... did he??
He has been great though really, doing all the cooking, and the washing and tidying up, and the shopping, vacuuming the concrete etc.
"Concrete??" I hear you say.... have I not told you that we STILL only have the concrete slab as our floor??  *sigh* yes, we still dont have a proper floor.
BUT!!  Things are looking up, as this week we are having our paving done outside - I must take some photos so I will have some "before" and "after" pics so it is quite a thrill to be finally getting that done.
The new timber floor is booked in for the 28th July, and should only take about 3 days to be done, and then I can get my curtains installed.
I chose the curtains before the house was finished, AGES ago when Spotlight had a fabulous sale on, and as long as we paid a deposit we could keep that price, and then once you pay 50% then they start making them (they take 6 - 8 weeks!).  So I am really looking forward to all that, as then I will get the new bedroom furniture delivered, and put on the new bed linen etc., and start to have a bit of fun decorating.
I cant wait until I can move around properly, as hubbie has done his best emptying various boxes of crockery etc., and putting it away - but I want to go through it all and chuck heaps away (well, give it to the Salvos really, as it is too good to just "chuck").  Same with my linen cupboard etc., etc.,
We just ran out of time to do it at the old house, and I couldnt do it myself, so had to rely on other people to pack for me, so we thought it was better to just box it up, get it out the way to de-clutter the house to sell it (which we did in 10 days!!) and then sort out the stuff without the pressure at the new house.  So I am "champing at the bit" to be able to do stuff, and to get around, and to drive again, and to sew again, and to shop again (although I must admit ebay has given me a chance to still shop from home :0) ..... a bit too much really)!!
Anyway you get the picture....well you will when I post some (play on words there) ..... seriously though I cant wait to get going again.
I have lots of ideas for sewing and quilts in mind, as I have been drawing some while I have been unable to actually make any .... so lots of ideas.
Well, I will say goodnight for now it is 1.40am and I have stayed up way too late again, so Hugs n Blessings to you all! Love Sue xx


  1. oh, it sounded a bit on the traumatic side! hope you are feeling much better now!
    good luck with the quilt ideas!

    BH x

  2. I am so glad to hear you are making good progress - both on your house and the knee.

  3. Honey, I saw your knee and read your posts you have had so much going on. I know my dislocated/broken finger put me out of commission for a while I can imagine your knee pain. xxoo to make it better. The finger is at 70% function and I was able to take my memory card out today and get my pic's on my computer. Be looking for a link an the swap pictures finally. You can hear how I have been using them. xxoo