Friday, July 29, 2011

A Floor at last!!

Hi Everyone, I feel like I am under house arrest!  I am stuck in my bedroom with just a book and the laptop, and of course the obligatory cups of green tea (which I drink all day!!). You see we are FINALLY getting our timber laminate (sometimes known as a floating floor) laid at the moment.
They actually started laying the floor in another part of the house on Wednesday.  So bedrooms 2, 3 & 4 and the hall are finished.
But today they are working on the large front entry, and then the big area of  kitchen/family/dining area as well as the pantry and the storeroom.
They will be back on Monday to finish off, doing the front formal lounge room, and the main bedroom and walk-in-robe, then it will all be done.....hurray!!
Today though, they are kindly leaving the main bedroom until last, so that I can sit in bed which allows my legs to be up.  I cant manage to sit in a normal chair for very long yet.
It is just SO exciting!!  I never would have believed that I could get excited about a floor.... but after living here since May 11th with just the concrete slab as the floor, it is wonderful to finally see the flooring going down.
Then, just the front and back gardens to get done, and we might finally be able to live without all this dust/mud/grit/dirt!!!
I think building a house is a great adventure though, and I would do it again if I could (if I won the Lottery or whatever, I mean).
I am just loving all the renovating and home ideas/design shows that are on tv at the moment, as I have ideas of how I would like to decorate this house, but of course money is always the issue - there is always a certain limit that you have to allow for everything.
But, oh.... wouldnt it be such fun to have no limit to the budget, and just go out shopping saying, "I'll have that, and that, and that etc..." - my idea of heaven really!!

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