Monday, August 1, 2011

Hmmm....House Arrest??

Hi everyone! I must say, I do feel a bit like I am under "house arrest" !!
It will be 9 weeks tomorrow since I had the knee replacement surgery, and I am still not allowed to drive... well I cant anyway!  I can bend my leg a bit, and I can straighten it out quite well, but I still have quite a way to go, and I wouldnt risk being in the car and having to brake suddenly in an emergency.  (I have "practiced" that type of movement just sitting on a chair, and I just cant move my leg that quickly, or be able to push that hard with my foot).
So, here I am, still stuck at home.... with only little Oscar for company most days.  Hubbie is at work, although he has been able to work from home (has a laptop from work) as we have been having our floors done.... AT LAST!!!
Hurray!! Hurray!! Hurray!!  No more concrete floors - YAY!!!
We have had timber flooring (they call it a floating floor) put down throughout the whole house (except of course the "wet" areas, where there are tiles).
We decided to not have carpet this time, as I am an asthmatic, plus we have little Oscar inside - so it seemed more practical to have a floor that can be washed, even in the bedrooms.  Errr... of course this has nothing to do with the fact that I tend to spill drinks like hot chocolate in my bedroom on a regular basis, does it?? hubbie has sometimes banned me from having a hot chocolate when I go to bed & read because he is sick of having to try to get the stain out of the carpet - so a washable floor was the answer!!
I will show you some new photos as soon as I can get them uploaded to the computer - it seems that inadvertantly the cord to upload them has been packed away "somewhere" - so we have to borrow one each time to upload photos onto the computer.
So, at last we now have the paving done outside, and the floor done inside.
This coming Friday we are getting some new furniture delivered, part of which is a new timber bed, and 3 drawer cabinets, and a tallboy, and a new mattress as well, so I am very much looking forward to that - hoping that the new mattress might help with some of my aches & pains.
Hmmm, what else?  Oh yes!  Then the next thing to happen should be the delivery and installation of the new curtains and blinds for the whole house.
I chose them, and ordered them ages ago from Spotlight when they had a fabulous sale on, so I am quite excited to see how they will look once they are up.  It is so much fun to envisage what you want, and how things will look when you build a house, and then add things like curtains and flooring etc.  If I won the Lottery tomorrow, I would be happy to build again!
I know some people dont enjoy the process of building, but I have loved it!!  I have only done it twice, as well as some big renovations on our last house (new kitchen, new bathroom, new laundry etc.,) - but I would still do it again if I could, as I love the process of seeing it all come together.
We are so blessed in Australia, arent we?  As most of us all over the country can get to own our own home (well, the bank really owns it I guess!!)
Still, I do feel incredibly blessed to be in this lovely big new home, and to be able to get all these new bits n pieces to help make it more "finished".  I do pray that all those poor people who lost their homes in the floods are able to get their insurance etc., sorted so they can start again.
So.... back to my "house arrest" - I am dependent on hubbie taking me places, or people coming here to see me.  I had my wonderful friend "J" come to see me the weekend before last, and she and I sat and had a lovely "chin wag" while hubbie went to visit my Mum and Dad, and his Mum.
I am so blessed to have J as my friend.  We met at High School, and I was 12, she was 13 - so that is 44 years that we have remained friends.
I love seeing her, although she works full time, and she & her hubbie have bought a 2nd home in the country, (about one and a half hours drive away) where they spend lots of weekends, so she doesnt have much spare time.
So I really appreciated her taking the time to come and see me.  She saw me in hospital too.  Actually she is more like a sister to me than a friend, as we can sit and talk about anything.  Even if we have different points of view, we have rarely had a cross word between us in all these years .... we are happy to "agree to disagree" if it comes to that, and then change the subject.  Although I cant remember the last time we actually did disagree on anything!  Probably back when we were teenagers... and that is a LONG time ago!!
I have another friend "K" I have known for 44 years too, but unfortunately she lives interstate, so I dont get to see her very often, although she and her hubbie came over for our youngest daughter's wedding just over 2 years ago.  They made a fabulous dvd of the wedding, and gave us 3 copies - one for the bride & groom, one for us, and one for the groom's parents.  We keep in touch by email and phone calls, and once my hubbie has retired we hope we can do a few more trips interstate and get to see them more often.
Well.... that is my news for now.  I have been stuck in bedroom no 2 for most of the day while the guys laying the floor finished doing the rest of the house, and I just heard my hubbie saying "goodbye" to them, so it must be all done at last.  They started doing it last Wednesday, and thought they would be finished by Friday, but they werent, so had to come back today.
They arrived at 7.30am this morning, and it is now 3.50pm - so it has been a BIG job!  It looks fab though, and we are really happy with it.
So, when I can I will add some photos to show you.  Until then, hope all is well with you!  Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx

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  1. Good to ehar you are making progress with your knee.

    I am really looking forward to seeing photos of the house. It all sounds fabulous.