Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm gettin outa here!!!!

Hiya everyone!
I am finally going home tomorrow (well actually today, as it is now 1.05am) - Saturday.  I came in last Monday week, so I have been in for 11 days, going home on the 12th day.
I will be glad to be going home - especially to my new house (NO STEPS!!) and in fact was thinking about going home earlier today...just daydreaming, and then I realised that I was picturing the old house....ha..ha....well, I mean we did live there for 18 years!
I am looking forward to being in my comfy chair in front of my own tv, and getting a cup of tea that has been freshly made with boiling water.  I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, and looking out of my new bay window (even though I cant see out of it, as it currently has butcher's paper covering the glass but you get the picture, dont you?
Oh, and my own BATHROOM, and my own SHOWER......such bliss!!!
I have had a private room here the whole time, with my own bathroom, but the stupid showers are so hard to get to the right temperature, and they are those ones where you need three arms.... one to hold the hot water over you (so you dont freeze your a"*se off!!) and the other two arms to actually wash yourself properly - especially difficult while sitting on a shower chair, and being unable to stand to wash certain "bits"......well I think you get the idea.
So it will be just lovely to have my nice shower pouring down on me again.
There are lots of things, I am looking forward to, back home again, (gosh that sounds a bit like the start of a song, doesn't it?)
My dear hubbie will be taking 2 weeks off to help look after me.  Actually if you dont have anyone to look after you, you have to go to a Rehabilitation Centre, so I am very blessed to have him, and also that he can take the time off.
Of course, I have missed dear little Oscar so much too, as he has had so many changes happen all at once - we moved, then we lost little Teddy (his mate who followed him everywhere) and then I was gone for all this time!  A lot for a poor little dog to understand.
I had gone out one day, after we lost Teddy, just for a short time to the shops, and when I got home Oscar was obviously frantically happy to see me again, and he was all muddy - so he had obviously been trying to dig his was out to "go find me".  So we have been quite worried to leave him home alone since then, as we have no paths etc. yet and no cement at the bottom of the fences etc.
Anyway, hubbie asked his boss if it would be alright to bring Oscar into work with him while I was in hospital, and his boss must be a dog lover, as he didnt hesitate - said, "not a problem!"  (Hubbie has his own office, and the company doesnt deal with the public).
So Oscar has been going into work with hubbie each day, then they come to the hospital and he has to wait in the car while I catch up with hubbie, and then they go home together.
Hubbie has said that Oscar is a real "hit" at work - everyone loves him! :o)  Isnt that nice?
They have all given him plenty of pats and taken him for a few walks, and have said how much they will miss him coming in, and can he come back another time please?
How cute is that!!  Lots of "big strong men" dont think much of Toy Poodles (or any little fluffy dog really) - but there have been plenty of them at hubbie's work who have fallen under Oscar's spell....he is a cute little dog, and I dont get him clipped like a poodle - I am not keen on that look (it is not the way God made them anyway!) so he does tend to look a bit like a miniature Old English Sheepdog when he gets all fluffy.
Goodness, I have rambled on for 20 minutes! - yes, I hear you "what else is new??"
Well I suppose I should at least try to get some sleep.....not looking forward to the trip home in the car, as my leg will have to be slightly bent, which I can do for short periods of time, but it is quite uncomfortable in the car, and quite a long trip, but I will have lots of pillows to help support it, and I will make sure I take some pain killers before we leave.
I cant wait to show you all the photos of my leg..... as macabre as that will be...... I am just being a typical "oh let me show you my scar" type of person  I cant do it until we upload the photos to the laptop at home etc.
So, if you have a strong stomach have a look - otherwise I would warn against it ..... no really it is not that bad!!
It is looking much better now, and the bruising is gradually going.
Well, bye for now from "Hop-a-long"!  Hugs n blessings to you all.


  1. Glad to hear you're heading home Sue. There's nothing like being in your own bed. And as for the shower! Take it easy. Hopefully you'll be up and about soon. Hugs, Christine

  2. So wonderful to hear you are on the mend and on your way home. Take it easy!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that you are able to go home again now.

    I'm looking forward to photos of the new house, but not of the knee! I'll have to skip over those I think.