Monday, May 30, 2011

Hi Ho.....Hi's off to hospital I go.....

Well, hi everyone, it is currently 1.25am on Monday 30th May, and I am due to go into hospital at 4pm today to prepare for my right knee replacement to be done on Tuesday 31st May about 11am they tell me.
I am just a tiny bit terrified..... well, okay I am SUPER terrified!!
I think if I didnt remember last June when I had the uni-lateral knee replacement done quite so vividly maybe I would be a bit more blase about it all, but I have quite a good memory of it all, especially the "first waking up after the operation" bit which was terribly painful, even with the painkilling drugs, so I am quite scared.
I know that it will only be a few days and I will be feeling much better and be beginning to walk and move around and be in not as much pain, but that all seems a bit far off at the moment.
I have to keep reminding myself that I am not alone, that God is there with me to help me through everything, and I have lots of people praying for me.  Also there are so many people in much worse positions than me, people battling cancer or having an amputation etc., so my operation is nothing compared to those poor people.  So I have to remember to put it into perspective.
It looks like I might be able to take the laptop with me... YAY!! that gives me something to do in the middle of the night when I wake up and dont want to read or watch those mind numbing tv commercials about the latest machine to give you great "abs" or whatever.
I am a bit of an insomniac at the best of times, but in hospital, especially if I am in pain, I tend to get very little sleep.  I seem to just start to get into a good sleeping routine usually the day before I am due to come home!!  So it will be great to have the laptop with me to play with in the wee small hours.  I do love to read too, but sometimes I just want something else to do.
I have some great photos to share with you when I get the chance to sort out all of the bits and bobs that I need to upload them - which I wont be able to do until I come home.  My doctor said I should be in between 7 and 10 days..... so it is not too bad really.  The hard part (after the pain becomes a bit more managable) is the exercises as if you dont do them you just cant get your leg to bend to a 90 degree angle which is what you have to aim for - so the physio work and the exercises afterwards are pretty tough.
I am very fortunate that I will have hubbie home with me for 2 weeks after I get out of hospital, so he can drive me to the physio etc., as well as being my "slave" at home. you know - "can I please have a cup of tea?" ..... "can I please have another ice pack?" ..... "can you please give me a cuddle?"  So I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who can take time off of his work to be here to help me.
Hoping to also sort through lots of boxes while he is home too, and I can explain where I would like things put away.
Well, I must go to sleep now (if I can) as I still have a list of things to do tomorrow before I go in.
Bye for now, hugs n blessings, Sue xx

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  1. Take care Sue.....I hope all goes well....thinking of you.....