Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In New House!

Well, at last we have finally moved into our new house! We got the keys on Tuesday the 9th, and the removalists were booked for Wednesday the 10th, ....phew.... we got the keys just in time!
So all the big heavy stuff was moved by the removalist guys, and then hubbie & I have done many trips back and forth with the station wagon and the trailer getting lots of other things from the old house.
The settlement on the old house is set for Thursday 19th May - but we let the new owners move in on the 18th, as they were stuck without anywhere to go from that day on.
We could SO relate to that, as we sold our old house in 10 days, and originally the settlement was set for Friday the 13th of May, and it looked like our new house would not be ready for us to be given the keys before that date!!
So we had visions of sitting in the gutter surrounded by our furniture, with nowhere to go... and nowhere to live... - well, no, not really, if it had come to that we would have had to put the furniture into storage, and go live with hubbie's mum for a while.  But anyway, it all worked out, praise God!
We are in a bit of a mess in the new house, boxes everywhere, and the double garage filled up with "stuff" - and we still have a big shed full of stuff being stored down at hubbie's mum's place!!  Heaven knows where we are going to fit everything, I mean this is a big house, but I have to have a serious tidy out, and throw (well, give to a charity) a lot of stuff out.
We are so excited to be here though.  I just cant believe it really, as it has taken so long since we first started the process of buying the block of land in August 2009, and then trying to decide on the design of the house.
We are really happy with everything, and I will upload some photos when I can.  Our internet "stuff" hasnt been connected as yet, so I am using hubbie's laptop to do an update, but I cant put the photos onto this laptop cos I dont know how!
We had air conditioning put in on Tuesday, so we are now all set for any cold winter days and/or nights, and then for Adelaide's long, hot summers.
We dont have any floor coverings yet (unless you count the thick layer of dust on the concrete!!) and we wont get that until we get a driveway and paths, so we have to hurry to get them done before Winter sets in, and the rain stops the work being done.
I am still going into hospital on the 30th May, for a knee replacement on the 31st - not looking forward to that at all, but I know it has to be done. 
Then I have to go into hospital 5 weeks later to have 2 teeth removed!!
Gosh, anyone would think I was falling apart
I will be so glad once I have had both knees done, and I have recovered from the surgeries so that I can go walking again, and get to know this new area that I live in - by then they should have some of the cafes built, and the lakes in, and more of the parks done, so it will be nice to walk around, especially as it is flat here, not like where we used to live, which was very hilly.
Well, that brings you up to date a bit, sorry I havent done a post for a while, but as you can imagine, things have been a bit hectic to say the least!!
I trust that all is well in your world, and I would love to hear from you.
Hugs n Blessings from Sue.


  1. Glad to hear you've finally moved in. It must be exciting to have a brand new house!

  2. Yes Christine, it is exciting! It is also messy, dusty, muddy, tiring, expensive, messy, exhilirating, fun, messy, unbelievable, and just totally WONDERFUL! I have dreamed of having a new house for SO long I didnt know if it would ever happen. I am so thankful to God that it has - we do live in a blessed country where we can have our own homes. Hugs n blessings from Sue

  3. I've been thinking of you and hoping the move had gone well. I feel sooooo bad that I haven't written since I got back from holiday, but what with DD's miove, my back, then my hip, I haven't really felt up to it. I WILL email later today, I promise.