Friday, April 8, 2011

The House is SOLD!!

Hi Everyone,
Please forgive my tardiness at posting of late, but as I have explained in previous posts, life is just a tad busy at the moment.  Although I do have some GOOD NEWS!  We have sold our house!!  YAY!!
I had intended to add some photos of the house as it looked for the Open Inspections, as we have worked SO hard on it, that it looks great - and we finally got around to all those little maintenance jobs that you seem to "put off" thinking they will cost a fortune, and they end up to be quite minor, and dont cost that much after all!!
Although, we have actually spent quite a LOT of money really, as we have painted a number of rooms inside, and done some outside painting too.  Had the roof leak fixed, as we just could not have sold the place in all conscience to anyone with us knowing that anything was wrong.  Plus of course we have hired 2 skips to get rid of garden overgrown stuff etc., and had 3 lots of bark chips delivered to spread around on the garden.  Fixed up the little pond, and the surrounding plants and spent quite a lot on some lovely hanging plants above it, under the pergola (wait for the photos!) and we now own 3 more pets - 3 Goldfish!!  Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger (he is the stripey one).  They have settled in nicely and I bought a pond lily plant for them to play in and hide under etc., too.
The lawn back and front was fertilised and we are allowed to use sprinklers to water again here in Adelaide after many years of not being allowed to due to the drought, so our lawn was/is the greenest one in the street!! :0)
Inside, hubbie took advantage of pulling up carpet in the lounge room and the main bedroom while I was in hospital for that week (see previous post) and he sanded and polished the floorboards - and they look really good!  We also moved heaps of our "clutter" to Darryl's Mum's shed, so we will have to deal with all that at a later stage, but the house has come up a treat, and we were really happy with it.
Anyway we prayed for it to be sold for at least the minimum that we needed, and anything above that would be a blessing.  We also really wanted to sell it to a family, as we have had many happy years in this house.  We have lived here for 18 years, and 2 brides have left from here to start their new lives.
We have had Home Fellowship here for about 3 and a half years a while ago, and we had our oldest daughter's Engagement Party here.  Also many birthdays, and Christmas lunches etc., as well as just loads of laughter, and love has been a part of this house, and although I am not sad to say "Goodbye" to it, as I have a lovely brand new house to go to (isnt God good?) I will always carry the memories of this house in my heart, as my oldest daughter was 12 and the youngest 6 when we moved in - so the oldest started High School that year, and our little girl celebrated her 7th birthday under our new pergola out the back.
We are thrilled that a young family have bought the house, and they have a girl 10, and then 2 boys 7 and 3, and they have been renting up until now, so they are really thrilled and looking forward to having their own home.  Our big back yard will once again be used for riding bikes, playing chasey, running under the sprinkler on hot days, and the cubby house will once again be played in, which is just wonderful.  There are some great trees for boys to climb, and some nice shady spots for laying down a blanket and lying on your back to read a book, and look at the clouds - a nice pastime for a young girl, grandually entering the stage of being a young lady..... I can see it all now, and I am just SO HAPPY for this family.  It is just amazing how God works, as we met the husband and wife, last Sunday when they came over with his Dad, and her Grandmother....the ladies to look, and the men just wanted to check the structure of the house etc., again before their "cooling off" period finished.
So in chatting to them, we found out that they too are Christians, who had been praying for certain things in a house (and ours ticked all the boxes!) and the husband loves gardening, and will turn my old shade house into a chook shed, and he wants to plant vegies etc., and the children are thrilled to have the cubby house, and apparently asked "is the cubby house staying??"
Their oldest daughter had also commented how she wanted the front bedroom, and she loved how the curtains matched the quilt cover, and the pillowcase and cushion - so I said to her Mum, I would be more than happy to leave the quilt cover and the other things for her - so her Mum said she would be really thrilled.  Apparently the boys will have a bunk bed in the 3rd bedroom, and the Family Room or Rumpus Room that comes off of that, will be used as the childrens play/toy room - giving Mum and Dad the front lounge room to themselves.  So all in all, everything worked out exceptionally well for all of us.  They just have to have their finance approved yet, and then the Settlement Date is set for 13th of May.
Our new house is virtually ready, we just have to have one more "walk through" with the building supervisor to make sure that we are happy with everything, and then we sign those papers, and we will be able to get the keys!!  :0)   All very exciting, and scary at the same time.
By scary I think I mean, there is just SO much to do to get a brand new house settled, and there is a lot that has to be done, (and paid for!!) that one tends to forget about in all the excitement of choosing tiles etc., as the storm water has to be done, and it is an expensive thing to get done - but a job that is way too hard for hubbie to attempt now he is 61!  He had enough trouble doing it himself in the other house we built about 22 years ago!  Also, as the area we are moving into is a Delfin Development (it is a company that creates lovely areas to live, including lakes, and shops etc., - you can google it if you want), we have to have our fencing and our driveway done before we can move in too.
Then of course we will get the air-conditioning done, as we will be getting close to Winter here, and that is normally when I am at greater risk with my asthma flaring up.  So staying in a warm environment, and not going from a warm room to a cold one, is extremely important - especially as I have had Pnuemonia twice before too.  My dear Dad has given us some money to help us - he initially said it was for the flooring, but when I explained about the air conditioning being really more important, he was quite happy to let us choose what our priorities will be, and hopefully we will have some money left over to go towards getting the floor done as well.
So, that is my good news - and it has helped to have something good happen, although of course I am still so concerned about my dear Dad, as he struggles along in the end stages of renal failure.
He has some good days, and some pretty daggy days too.
Anyway, he is quite a lot better than he was, but still feeling pretty tired, and unwell in general.
We are going to see him and Mum on the weekend, and hopefully catch up with my sister and brother-in-law as well as they are currently in Adelaide.
Well, it is now after 2am, so I had better go to sleep!  I will post some photos of the house etc., when I get a chance.  It does take a bit of time, so I didnt bother this time.
I hope you are all doing well, wherever you may be, and that God is blessing you too, in your little corner of the world!!  Until next time, Hugs and Blessings from Sue xxx


  1. Congratulations on selling your house. That was such a blessing for you. Now you can relax and look forward to moving into your new house. I hope your father's feeling better.

  2. The house sale all sounds like a dream come true for everyone concerned. I am so happy for you.