Thursday, May 19, 2011

Doggy Doors

What a great invention!! We have had a doggy door installed into the glass panel on the side of our double glass sliding doors in our family room.  It hasnt taken Oscar much time at all to learn that he can go in or out whenever he needs or wants to, but poor little Teddy is struggling a bit.  He is blind, and almost deaf so it is much more difficult for him to find the door and then have the confidence to use it.  We are persevering with him though, and he is getting there.  I will add a photo to this post when I have my own laptop up and working again (see previous post) so you can see what I mean by a doggy door in the glass.
What we didnt realise though, is that the sliding glass doors and the 2 glass panels on either side were made of safety glass (of course, as this is an Aussie Standard now) anyway, the doggy doors cant go into safety glass - so they have to remove that glass and then put the little door into toughened glass instead.
That means they have to remove a perfectly fine piece of glass that has just been installed, and replace it!!  I found that a bit hard to phathom, but I realised that it had to be done.
Well, we are gradually getting things done here in the new house.  Today I can FINALLY have a shower in my ensuite, as we FINALLY have hot water!!
Yes, we have lived here for a week without any hot water.  Hubbie has been having his shower at work every morning, and I have been going back to our old house every day, but the settlement of that is today, so I had to hand in the keys yesterday.
So I thought I would just have a quick play on the computer, and then I am off to "christen" the ensuite with a lovely long hot shower!! :0)
Hugs n blessings to you all, love Sue xx

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  1. Congratulations on the new Home! It sound wonderful.