Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Little Teddy

Well, Wednesday the 25th of May was a very sad day, as we had to say "Goodbye" to our dear little toy poodle, Teddy.
I got up after hubbie had already gone to work, and I noticed that Teddy was having trouble finding the doggy door, so I helped him find it, and he went outside.
I didnt think he was gone too long, before our little apricot toy poodle Oscar, came inside and tried to "tell" me something was wrong.  So I went outside to investigate, and found Teddy had fallen down in the thick mud, and couldnt get up - so I went and picked him up and brought him inside, wrapping him in a nice towel.  I took the mud off his nose, but noticed that his breathing was very laboured.
I thought that this "might be it" so I just held him all wrapped up on my lap, and patted his little head.  He seemed to be a little better after some time, so I put him in his bed while I had my breakfast, keeping a close eye on him the whole time.
He lay there for a while, but then went to get into Oscar's bed, and his foot got caught in the blanket, so I went to free him and as I did, he just collapsed in my arms, and I thought I had lost him there and then.  I sat down again, and he "came to" so to speak.
By this time he had been struggling to breathe etc., for about 2 and a half hours, so I rang hubbie at work (as he and Teddy were great mates, Teddy was hubbie's shadow).
Hubbie came home from work straight away, and when he saw him he decided we should phone the Vet and take him in, which we did.
They saw us quite quickly, and the Vet was just lovely.  She has known Teddy for a while, and was even able to clean his teeth last year without having to give him an anaesthetic he was so placid.
She explained to us that his heart murmur (which we knew about) had gone from a Grade 2 to a Grade 4 or 5, and he also had a lot of fluid in his lungs, and his heart was beating erratically - which is probably what caused him to go unconcious in my arms earlier.  She explained that there were perhaps some treatments that they could try but she really felt that there was no guarantee that he would get any better.
So, we knew we had to say "goodbye" to him, as he was basically drowning due to the fluid in his lungs.
So we held him and cuddled him and had a chance to say "goodbye" before he was given the injection, and he just drifted off to "sleep".
It was quite devastating though, as I have never been there when one of my dogs has been put to sleep - but this time I wanted to be with him, as he was almost blind and deaf, I wanted him to be able to smell me and my hubbie, before he went, so he knew we were there with him at the end.
It was incredibly sad and so very upsetting - and even though I knew we had given Teddy a good home, and a loving home and that we had almost "rescued" him from where he was living before he came to us, when you are saying "goodbye" to a loved animal, you cant help but think of all the times that you got cross with them for some reason, or yelled at them in frustration for something - but all they ever did was to LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY - that's what dogs do - even if they are treated badly they still love you (not that we treated Teddy badly, I am just saying that is what a dog is like).   So, if you have a dog, or any special animal in your life, I would encourage you to give them a hug and a cuddle today, and tell them how special they are to you.  Animals ask us for nothing - just love.
So, "goodbye" dear Teddy, you were a sweet little dog, so placid that I could take you to work with me, and sit you on the Resident's laps and they would pat you and cuddle you, and you would just trot along behind me all day as I walked around the Nursing Home.  Then you would sit at my feet when I did my paperwork at the end of the day.
Everyone would ask "when are you bringing Teddy in again?" as they all loved you too.
You were a dear little gentleman of a dog, and you will be missed greatly.  We loved you very much.
Hugs n blessings from Sue.


  1. I'm sorry to hear your news Sue. At least you know he is now at peace. Our dogs certainly become part of our families. Hugs, Christine

  2. Oh that's so sad for you both. He'll always be with you though your memories!

  3. I'm so sorry. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is so difficult. Teddy was loved and I believe he knew it.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Teddy. We have lost 2 dogs in the past 3 yearrs or so. One was very young and had terrible epilepsy, the other was very old and his ehart just gave up. It's always heartbreaking though, even when you know it's going to happen.