Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Still Here!

Just thought I'd drop you all a quick note to say "Hi!" and let you know I am still here.  I think I have finally conquered the illness that kept me in hospital for a week, even though I had to have 2 lots of anti-biotics after I came out of hospital, and was still using my nebuliser every 2 hours until last weekend!
I do feel quite a lot better though now, so I really appreciate all the prayers and good thoughts you all sent my way.
We have finally got our house on the market, and had our first Open Inspection last Sunday - which turned out to be a dreary, rainy, dull day.  Though our Agent was quite pleased with the response, as they only have the houses open for 3/4 hour these days, and he had 12 lots of people through.  Of course, 4 of them were neighbours just having a sticky beak, but hey, that's okay, I expected that some would come in to have a look.
We have had some interest from some investors, which is what we did expect, as we are on a very large block here - I think it is 782 square metres ?? anyway it is big, and certainly big enough to eventually knock this house down and build 2 homettes or townhouses on this block.  They seem to be doing that quite a lot in this area where I live now, as the houses get too old they are just not worth fixing up.  Ours is not at that stage yet, our Agent said, and that is why it will appeal to investors to rent it out for about 10 years, and then knock it down.
We dont mind who buys it, we just want someone to pay TOP price, have CASH, for a SHORT settlement time, and do NO HAGGLING - that's not asking too much now is it??  IS IT??
Okay, okay, yes maybe it is.....but we just want it SOLD as of yesterday!!!
These Open Inspection's are hard work!!  You have to get used to almost living out of your car, because you have to leave no sign of life behind you in your house, eg: no shampoo bottles in the shower alcove, no electric jug ready to make a cuppa etc., etc.,
So the house has to look IMMACULATE, which is #%$@+* HARD WORK!!
I am very blessed to get a cleaning lady for 2 hours once a fortnight through Disability SA, and so I offered her the chance to come and work for some cash to help us get the place ready for the photos for the internet, and then to help us get it ready for the Open Inspections.  Well, she ended up doing 4 hours the first time, and 5 hours the second time - which was a fabulous help to us, and a big help to her financially, so it all worked out in the end.
Of course our girls, and their hubbies have all helped us heaps but we just didnt want to ask them for any more help, as they all have their own lives to live, and their weekends are busy.
Anyway, we got pretty much everything done that we really wanted to have done, only a few little "touch up" jobs in time for this weekend's Open Inspection on Sunday.  We will be busy for part of Saturday though, as it is my daughter's youngest daughter's FIRST Birthday on Friday 25th, and we are getting together to celebrate it on the Saturday the 26th.  I cant believe how quickly this past year has gone!  Little Ladybird, one year old!!  Just amazing - she is absolutely adorable, (of course!! :0)  ) and I will post some photos of her and her "party" in another posting.  She is really the image of her mummy - when I hold her close to me and look into her little face, it just takes me straight back to looking into her mummy's face as a little girl!
Where does the time go??  The years just seem to fly by, dont they?
Still no real news about my dear Dad, I am going to go see him today, and he has been quite bright enough to chat to recently, but of course we are all aware that he is on limited time.
He decided he wanted to go back to the Nursing Home for his Palliative Care, and not the special part of the hospital where they look after people in their end days - and I fully understand his reasoning.  My Mum is in that Nursing Home too, and he wanted the chance to say "goodbye" to her, and he is familiar with his surroundings and the staff are just wonderful to him there, as they have known him for so long. 
He used to go every 2nd day to see Mum, and he would have his lunch there with her right from the start of when she first went in, which is quite a few years ago now.  So everyone knows my Dad, and they all love him, and I know that they will care for him really well, but it is just SO HARD saying "Goodbye, love you Dad" every time I walk out of his room, cos I know that it might be the last time that I see him.
It is really hard to deal with, and very difficult to stay "upbeat" but I do, for his sake as well as mine and I try to talk about all the great times we have had together, and how he used to call me his "shadow" cos I used to follow him everywhere when I was little.  He has taught me so much about life, and love, and he has been a wonderful Dad.  I will miss him so much when he goes, but I am glad that at least I have this time, before he goes to tell him how much I love him.
Please, never take your family for granted, or as they say "never let the sun set on an argument" as you just dont know what tomorrow will bring, and life is such a very fine line - we can be here one minute, and gone the next.  So tell someone today that you love them, and give them a hug.  Make a phone call to a family member or to a friend, just to say "Hi" I was thinking of you - it will bless you as much as it blesses them.
Until next time, take care everyone....thankyou for your continued care and support of my blog.  Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx


  1. I am so glad that you are home and feeling better. I'm sure it's a relief to you, as well! You have had so much going on - whew! Good luck with the inspection and the sale - I hope you get that top dollar, no haggling price! LOL!

    I know how sad you must be about your dad. He's lucky to have you there.

    Take good care!

  2. I have got my fingers crossed for you for the house sale.

    I'm sorry about your father, but at least you know he is loved and cared for, not just by you but by the staff in his home.