Sunday, October 3, 2010

We have windows!

Hi everyone for dropping by, I just wanted to share my joy with the stage we are up to in our new house we are building. We bought the block of land about a year ago,
and we spent absolutely ages trying to decide on the design of the house. My hubbie and I are "empty nesters" now, but strangely we have decided to "up size" instead of "down sizing" as one would expect us to do at this stage of our lives.
But, you see we have been living in this current home for almost 17 years (the longest we have lived anywhere) but this house has quite small rooms, and it is just a basic 1970's style house, with only 1 bathroom, and no family room. (How times have changed, we grew up in homes with 1 bathroom etc., and thought nothing of it back then), and no-one ever mentioned a "family room" - the family usually sat at the dining table for tea together and chatted over the day's events, instead of eating our dinner on our laps watching tv!
Anyway, we decided on a house plan eventually - with most of the design coming from us, as we were pretty sure of all the things we wanted to have in this new home.
So we had our soil testing, and we did our selections of bricks, roof, etc outside, and then the heaps of things to choose inside were finally settled. Now that happened back in March this year. But due to the very wet, long Winter we have had in South Australia this year, nothing much could proceed until the weather improved.
We were getting quite despondent, as other homes around us seemed to be popping up - but we have realised since then, that most of them were the 5o or more Show Homes in this new suburb/development.
Well, eventually we had our slab poured when there was a small break in the wet weather, and then of course the cement has to "cure" for a few weeks.
Then my hubbie decided one lunch break to go for a drive to see what was happening (as he works relatively quite close to where we will be living) and lo and behold, there were workers all over the place putting up the framework! ...YAY!!...

Then recently he stopped by again, and we actually had most of the windows fitted - YAY!! again.
Next will be the bricks and the roof, and now that we are into Spring here, the weather shouldnt hold the builder up anymore. Well, thats the plan anyway.
So, once again, I am promising photos - once I can work out how to put them onto my Blog. It is so frustrating not knowing how to do that, as I love looking at other people's photos on their Blogs - it makes it so much more interesting.
Well, it is Sunday today, and I might go for a drive today and have another look at the house although I dont think any more would have happened yet, but I am hoping that my kitchen window might be in by now. The kitchen window is what is referred to as a "square bay" - so it is like a Bay Window, only it is not rounded, it is oblong instead.
I am sooo looking forward to having my very own room just for my quilting and my other crafts as we are having 4 bedrooms this time. You never know, I might even be able to spread out into another spare bedroom as well, because I do have gazillions of fabric pieces, and patterns as well as all my scrapbooking stuff - or as my son-in-law says, my "craft crap"!!
I also have all my stitchery things, and my big range of Swarovski crystals and beads from all the classes I have done on ribbon embroidery, and embellished stitcheries. (Heaps of UFO's as well to put somewhere). I have deep inside me a perfectionist/cleanie wanting to get out and get all my craft organised. I also have a Brother Labelling thingy, and lots of nice new white spring clip folders to organise my patterns, and my scrapbooking bits n pieces - and I can just see it all labelled and sitting neatly on a shelf. Mind you, this is only in my imagination - what will happen in real life could be something entirely different but I have good intentions to be more organised from the time we move in.
We will have to have a BIG clean up and a Garage Sale before we put this house up for sale, as it needs to be super tidy, and uncluttered when we put it on the market.
Does anyone want any Craft magazines? You would have to be able to pick them up from me in South Australia, as they are too heavy to post, but again I have gazillions of them as well - all different ones, eg: Aust. Patchwork & Quilting, Country Threads, Handmade etc. etc.
You could send me an email if you want some - my email address is: just contact me, and maybe we can work out a way of you or your craft group getting a couple of million for free (wellll....maybe not quite that many, but still lots)!
So anyway, we have windows, as I said, and hubbie and I are really looking forward to the next phase of the building process. We are hoping that the house will be finished in maybe February or March next year.
Well, bye & blessings to you all for now, Sue x


  1. First of all I am stunned that it is spring, as it is fall in the US. Yes, it makes sense! What fun to get a craft room! Pictures, I know you can do this. When you do a post at the top of the post frame is the word link and then to the right of that is a little square picture that looks like a TV screen. Put your curser where you want the picture and then click on the little Tv. Then click the box that says import file and up will come all of your pictures on your computer or at least the numbers that correspond to them or you will have to pick where the pictures are on your computer. Click and the picture will go where the cursor was. Play a little and you will easily figure it out. I have a Macintosh, if you do also I can really walk you thru it, just holler.


  2. Oh Sue - do you think I could pop down to visit and pick up those mags?! lol . Now then my dear, I haven't had a response from the other potential swapper, so would you like to pair with me instead? If you leave me your details as acomment I promise not to post it. I can pop in some details for the Xmas puds too? Would you like me to send 'Autumn' or as Christmas is fast approaching I could do that instead? Let me know what you think.xx

  3. Hi Sue,
    So nice to meet you..and a beautiful blog!!