Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friends Swap

Goodness, it is almost 1am, and I just cant get to sleep, so I have taken the laptop into bed with me, made a cup of green tea, and thought I would write the things down that are whizzing around in my head.
You see, the cut off day for the Friends Swap was the 26th of October, and I have not yet posted my parcels off to my Friend, Melissa T of A Work In Progress.
Melissa and I have really become like the old term "pen pals" but I guess the new term should be "email pals" - as we send an email to each other about once a week, and I get so thrilled when I open up my hotmail and see an email waiting to be read from Melissa.
Melissa tells me she feels the same, so I am so pleased we ended up as partners for the Friends Swap, but I think I cant sleep, as I am still waiting on a couple of items to arrive from Sydney to put into the pile of goodies for Melissa.
I decided I wanted to add some "special" things to the goodies, as well as the items that spell out the word Friends, and I could not find these "special" items anywhere in Adelaide that I was happy with, so I went onto the internet, and found what I was looking for from a shop in Sydney, that thankfully has a great website with really good photos of their items for sale. (I will put a link to their shop, once Melissa has received her goodies, as the name of the website might give away what I have bought).
I received an email from this shop on Tuesday (yesterday) to say that they had posted the items, so they should arrive at my door on Wednesday. Therefore the earliest I can possibly post my goodies to Melissa is on Thursday, so my Friends Swap will be arrive a bit late.
I have told Melissa, and she is fine with that, and we intend to remain friends even when the swap is finished, as we have fun emailing each other with our:- family/work/craft/fun/outings/thoughts/etc, news.
I always get excited when I am giving out gifts, I am like a big kid!! I get sooo excited on Christmas Day, but it is mainly to see how happy everyone is with the presents I have bought for everyone. I usually sit there with my gifts on my lap, unopened, just watching all the fun of everyone else opening their gifts.
So....I cant sleep, cos I keep going over in my mind.... "the F will be for the.....and I will make the R for the ..... and the I for the ...." etc. etc. etc.
I have not wrapped anything yet, as I want to lay everything out, once all the items have arrived, and then wrap them and label them with the letter that belongs to those items.
I have really had sooo much fun finding things - I could have gone on forever! I found myself thinking "oh! now that would be really good for the "D" or whatever" everywhere I went!! This was even after I had already bought everything!!
Well, I might just do a bit of "blog hopping" - do other people do this too? I just open an interesting blog, and find that they have an interesting blog on their blog, so then I go to that one, and then they have another interesting blog, so I go to that one, and so on and so on.
I will post a photo of all my goodies for Melissa, when I have them all wrapped up ready to send to her - oouu (pursed lips sound) - I am sooo excited!! But, very tired too. I must go to sleep, as I tend to get really bad headaches if I dont get enough sleep. So..."that's all folks!"


  1. Well now I'm going to have to keep coming back just to see what you did get from the shop in Sydney - not that it's really any of my business, but I'm nosey!

  2. Ha ha, thats okay - I am a bit nosey too. We all are if we are bloggers, arent we? Cos we are looking into other peoples lives all the time. Now I will be nosey and go look at your blog! Look forward to you coming back.