Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Block a Month

Well yesterday, I joined two groups where you make one block each month, and your "partner" for that month makes a block for you too. I have put the buttons onto my page for anyone else who would like to join.
They are both run by Aussie gals - actually by South Aussie gals!
Here I am, searching all over the world on my laptop for blogs and things that take my interest, and then I found these two great sites, run by lovely ladies from South Australia!
One is a Christmas block, but it runs each month of the year, so it gives you the chance to build up your stash of handmade blocks to turn into quilts, tablecloths, runners or whatever.
The other one is any type of block you want, and you can say what your favourite colours are, and your 2 favourite style of blocks.
I said I think soft, dusty pink is my favourite colour, and that Irish Chain and Log Cabin are my two favourite blocks - so watch this space, as I will put in photos as I create blocks, and when I receive blocks too.
I think this might help me to get a bit more motivated to do sewing at home.
I am happy to sew when I go to a class or a group, but I am finding it hard to get motivated to sew when I am home on my own, although I am hoping that will change when I have my own room, just for my sewing and craft. (When our new house is built - see earlier blogs).
I am ashamed to say, that this is what the area looks like where I am trying to sew at the moment - what a mess! It is supposed to be our dining area. It is quite embarrassing too, if anyone other than family pop in without prior notice for me to tidy it up.....eerrr....I just realised I am showing you, aren't I? Hmm, oh well, it is "out there" now.
Well, let's hope one day, I can show you all a really organised sewing/craft room. I dont promise it will ever be neat as a pin, as I dont think it is truly possible to be super neat when you are being really creative, unless maybe you are umm....cough...umm.... anally retentive?
I would just love to live in a house that looks like a Show Home all the time, but that is not really natural, is it? None of us can really live like that (unless maybe we live but add family, pets, cooking, washing, ironing, weeds, rubbish bins etc. etc., and....well....then you have it - LIFE!! Remember the words from John Lennon? "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."
Anyway back to my blocks - I am quite looking forward to doing them each month, I think it will be fun as well as challenging. So I think I will go have a rummage through my stash, and do a little bit of sketching and measuring to start on my very first Christmas block! They all have to finish at 12 and a half inches with a raw edge.
Hugs n Blessings, Sue x


  1. Hi Sue

    Welcome to our block swaps! I am in the monthly block one (not the Christmas one) and this was only my second month and yes,it does motivate me to keep sewing. I know what you mean about the dining area! Same problem ! Luckily I have a long dining table so I can 'sweep' some of the stuff out the way for dinner, just make sure you don't pick up a scissor instead of your knife! I live in Terrigal, NSW, where are you? I see in your profile you are a Christian and I am happy to say , so am I !

  2. thanks for sharing your sewing area - anywhere you get to be creative is what you want!!!! so glad you are swapping with us, and i look forward to seeing your creative work!

  3. You should see my craft room. Ugh!! Should I say you should try to see my craft room. At them moment I can't see the floor. It's a mess. My mom said,"A messy cook is a good one" I am thinking the saying holds true for crafter's also.

  4. Hi there Sue,

    Thank you so much for popping by my blog and your lovely comment - its nice to 'meet' you!
    Looking forward to seeing your sewing creations!
    Have a lovely weekend
    BH x