Friday, September 10, 2010

To Remember

Hi to all Bloggers in the USA,
I just wanted to say that even though I am an Australian. I am thinking of you all on this day, the 10th of September, soon to be the anniversary of the 9/11 Tragedy.
In Australia it is actually only the 10th of September now, but on our tv etc. we are all remembering that tragic day, nine years ago.
Everyone remembers what they were doing that morning.
For me, I was getting ready for work, with my husband doing the same, and my oldest daughter was on holidays from University and work, as it was 2 days before her wedding, and my youngest daughter was getting ready for High School.
We had the tv on as we were showering, eating breakfast etc., rushing past each other - when I suddenly saw the image on the tv, and heard the newsreaders explaining what we were witnessing.
None of us could believe it.
It just stopped us all in our tracks as we stood watching this terrible event unfold before our eyes.
So today, I am taking a moment to say that we in Australia remember too, and we feel sorry for anyone who lost someone they loved or knew in that tragedy.
It changed our world.


  1. Sue, I was working that day. I was in my office and a patient came in and told me what was happening. I immediately went to the breakroom and turned on the t.v. It was terrible. I was miles away from my kids and all I wanted to do was be with them. I felt the pain of those there and the families they left behind for years afterwards. My son wants to join the service when he graduates. It's an honorable thing to do. And 9-11 reminds me why I am willing to let my angel do it. Thanks for remembering...

  2. Thankyou for your comment, I am sorry I got my dates a bit muddled in my first posting - my husband pointed it out to me, as in Australia we put the our date as: day/month/year
    So I have fixed it now.
    Yes, it was just such a terrible day.
    So unbelievable.
    My good friend's husband is a Fireman. They are going over to the USA next year for him to join in the walk that the Firemen do to remember and pay tribute to all who lost their lives.
    Let's pray that we never have to witness something so dreadful ever again.