Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friends Swap

Well, I went out for the first time on my own yesterday. I was only given the all clear to drive about a week ago, and havent needed to go out so far, but I planned to go out on Wednesday to buy some goodies for my friend Melissa from A Work In Progress, as she is my Friends Swap.
She lives in the state of New York, so we have been emailing each other to find out what we both like.
I had just sooo much fun, fun, fun!! I just looove buying presents for other people, and I kept coming across things, and thinking - "Oh, that would work for the letter, E or whatever!"
I found lots and lots of goodies, but I did have trouble with the letter "I", but eventually through sheer shopping perserverance I did find some things to fall into that category.
I went out at 1pm, and was still at the shops at 5pm, and I was is just sooo much pain!!
Amazing how I can shop through pain!!
My right knee was aching (that's the new one) probably cos it has only been 13 weeks since surgery, and the Specialist did say it would take 12 months to get over this type of surgery! So maybe I hit the shops a bit too early, and for too long, but I kept going.
My left knee was throbbing with pain, and that one is due to be replaced on Oct 19th, so I realised that I was going to have to finish up, and get myself home to rest.
I had a trolley, which I must have leaned on so hard, as I have a bruise on each arm today, where I was leaning!!
Anyway, the main thing is, I had lots of fun (I ALWAYS enjoy spending money!!) - and - I got almost everything I want for my friend, Melissa.
Just a few more little bits n pieces, and then I will be posting it all off before I go into hospital.
I hope all you others in the Friends Swap are having fun too, finding things that you think your friend will like.
I have done nothing today, just sat in my chair and rested - but I must go, as I am minding my 2 little granddaughters for a little while later on while Mummy goes to the Physio.
Bye for now!

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