Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Lazy Sunday

It's 3.15pm and I have just got dressed! I have had a very lazy Sunday, I slept in, then got myself breakfast and have spent the rest of the time sitting in my comfy chair "playing" on my laptop. Gosh, I spend sooo much more time on the internet since we got this laptop from money we were given last Christmas.
We have an "old" computer, on a computer desk in the 3rd bedroom (squeezed in amongst all my quilting fabrics, and toys for grandchildren).
Anyway I didn't know how much easier it was with a laptop - so portable, and fun (mind you they get HOT after a while, so I have mine sitting on a stable table) - for others who don't know what that is, it is just a plastic tray, with an attached type of cushion filled with little pellets of foamy stuff (can't think what they are called at the moment) on the bottom, so it sits nicely on your lap.
Sooo many interesting Blogs out there! I found one called See The Songsters, which then led me to one called Rocks in My Dryer. Both of these blogs are in the USA, and I am not sure how to link them for you - but honestly it is worth a moment of your time to go looking for them, as both these Mums and their musings are sooo funny!! You can really relate to everything they say, and I think they are both so good at their blogs, they should be writing books, especially Rocks in my Dryer - she is hilarious!
Well, anyway as I started to say - it is now after 3pm so I think I should really actually DO something. So I am going to go on with hubbie's quilt when I have finished this blog.
Isn't it amazing how time just flies when you are on a computer? They just eat up your time.
I am home alone, as hubbie went down to see his Mum (almost 91) as her Church had their special Opening Ceremony today. They have been building a new church for ages.
He left home about 8.30am, and is not home yet, but I don't want him to walk in and see me sitting down doing nothing AGAIN! Not that he cares really, as I am still "recuperating" from my knee surgery.
I am the one that feels bad if he comes home and I am still in my pj's and dressing gown. My son-in-law thinks that is how I spend every day, he tells me!! (He has a wicked sense of humour).
I have enjoyed it though, I have had the fire on as this house stays so cold even on a moderate day. I have just turned it off. It was nice though, just sitting, reading about other people's lives and thinking about how we are all linked by so many things: faith, children, husbands, love, laughter and friends just to name a few.
Friends are especially important I think, the true friends that you keep all your life, the ones who share all the good times as well as the bad, and yet they never judge you. I am so blessed to have 2 friends like that - I have known both of them since I was 12, that's almost 44 years ago.
New friends are a joy too - I have made some absolutely lovely friends this year through joining some new quilting groups, plus my new friend through the FRIENDS swap, we send each other an email almost every other day, just chatting and getting to know each other.
Wouldn't life be so much harder to bear without friends? So I shall finish on that note, that my friends are so special to me, and even if I don't see them very often, they are in my heart every day. Especially on Lazy Sundays.......

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