Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Friend

I was all settled in bed, reading my book after doing my last Blog about my hubbie's quilt tonight, and I just had to go and get the laptop again to send a friend of mine an email.
You see, she is in hospital again, this time they found that she needed her gall bladder removed. I am just feeling sooo sorry for her, as only what feels like a few weeks ago she was in hospital for 5 WEEKS! Yes, 5 weeks, and although they did find she had a couple of crushed vertebrae, and some other things, she just really had to "grin and bear it" for all that time. She was in dreadful pain. She has to wear a moon boot as one of her feet has broken bones in the heel, and if she only wears one she loses her balance, so she has to wear 2 of the darn things.
I could rave on about all the things she has been through and what she has suffered, but what I really wanted to say was how My Friend has this wonderful positive attitude, and she won't allow herself to get down about things. She is always thinking of others, and when she is well and at home she runs a fabulous quilting group where anyone is welcome to join, and it is honestly the friendliest group of women I have ever come across. I think that all comes from My Friend, as she leads the group, her attitude affects everyone else, so everyone is kind and caring and positive due, I believe, from her lead.
So I guess there are times when we feel pretty YUK and we want to pull up the covers, but what would that achieve? I can tell you - a wasted day! My Friend has lots to complain about, but she doesnt, she sits up in hospital with her laptop organising the group's activities, and our outings, and what we will be giving to an orphanage we sponsor in India. My Friend has taught me a great deal this year, about not feeling sorry for yourself, and that no matter how tough things get, tomorrow is another day. So I dedicate this blog to My Friend - she knows who she is - but I wish you all could meet her. She inspires me to be a better person.


  1. Your friend sounds like an amazing woman, I will pray for a speedy recovery for her!

  2. Thankyou so much Jenny. She did go home, but has had to go back to hospital for another operation! I feel so sorry for her. She is a lovely person.