Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hubbie's Quilt

It is Father's Day here this Sunday, so I have 3 days to finish my husband's quilt. It is already at the "pinned together" stage, but I still want to do some stitch in the ditch, and then some free motion quilting around the border. I figure I will do the free motion on this quilt, as I have never done it before, and I know that hubbie wont mind if some of my loops are not very good. My plan is to try to do "leafy" style swirls, as one of the fabrics has an autumn leaves look to it.
Considering I had planned to give this quilt to him for Father's Day 2009, and then for his 60th Birthday, which was in February this year, I really think I must just pull out all the stops to get it finished, even though I have made it from flannel fabric, and we are now into Spring here!
Oh well, some of the nights are still quite cool, and it's the thought that matters...right?
Actually it was quite difficult to find good flannalette that was "masculine" - as I felt quite sure one made from pretty florals was not going to be right at all.
So, typical of me I have taken ages to even get this far with this quilt, and I reeaallly want to finish it and give it to him on Sunday.
There is a real satisfaction that comes with finishing something - not that I have finished THAT many things, but I am getting there slowly. It just is a great feeling, and it is especially great when it is a gift to someone.
I made a nappy bag for my oldest daughter when she had baby No. 2 in March this year, but it looked very trendy in black and white, and it turned out so well, I was really pleased with it.
I was at one of my classes that finished at 4pm, but I stayed on at the shop where the class is held until they were almost ready to lock up and leave me there, so I could get it finished and then drive straight to the hospital to give it to my daughter. Very satisfying to finish, and thrilling when you can see they really like what you have made.
Anyway back to hubbie's quilt. I had a pattern from a magazine, which I changed into this pattern, so I guess it is actually an "original" too! I will try to upload some photos to show you. I am really hoping I dont have to wrap it up with the safety pins still in it :0( it just wouldn't be the same as giving it to him all finished. I think I could manage it, if I didn't have other things on this week. Hmmm how to prioritise when one is a quilter? I know! Nothing else matters, right? Well, yes, there is family, and er food, and er, sleeping, and er, well, ok ok!! I will do my best, alright? (Maybe I could give it to him as a Christmas present)......

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