Friday, September 3, 2010

Ahh to Sleep, per chance to Dream

Yes, ahh to sleep would be wonderful. Being an insomniac gives me a chance to chat away on my Blog, but the trouble is when I finally do get to sleep at 5am or 6am - I end up sleeping half the day away! It is 5.20am at the moment, and I have been awake about 2 hours.
I have sent out some emails to friends, and I have spent some time "playing" on the internet, and looking at free quilt patterns etc. - although I am on my laptop so I cant print them from here, and I would wake hubbie up if I started the printer going anyway. Thank heavens for Favourites or I would never find the websites again!
I suppose I woke up early, as I slept a lot yesterday during the day. I woke up with a migraine, and my oldest daughter took me to the Dr., who gave me an injection. Yes, it was a true migraine, not just a headache where you can take 2 tablets and it goes away. That was sooo frustrating when I worked in Pharmacies years ago, a customer would walk in, bright as a button, no sunglasses on, no looking like death warmed up - and say "I have a terrible migraine, could you please give me some Panadol" grrrr, that used to make me so cross, cos I know what a real migraine feels like (think head over bucket, dark room, cant bear any noise etc. etc.) - you get the picture. So it would frustrate me sooo much as I wanted to say to these people - "You have a headache, not a migraine!"
Anyway I have had 2 migraines this week, 2 visits to the Doc, and 2 injections. Not fun, as I spend the rest of the day, and most of the next in bed.
It is very frustrating, as I want to be up doing things! Like my hubbie's quilt for example.
So, anyway I have woken up at 3.30am today, and it is now 5.30am and I feel okay, so maybe I will feel well enough to do something later today.
Only other people who get migraines too understand the true suffering of a migraine sufferer. They interrupt your life so much, and you become "unreliable". I cant tell you how many jobs I have had, where suddenly my position has become "redundant" - (yeah, sure, then they advertise for someone in next week's paper). Very demoralising, very depressing, but you just have to keep pushing on, as life doesnt stop just because you have a migraine.
I have even been hospitalised because I get to the point where I cant even swallow water - so I cant get tablets down. Next stop, kidneys give up. So I have to be hospitalised and put on a drip etc., only have you ever noticed how noisy hospitals are? Not a great place to be when you have a migraine, but sometimes you need to be there - Catch 22 I believe.
Any other migraine sufferers out there, who can empathise with me?

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  1. As you know I have them and feel for you. Sorry you just had to suffer through another one. As for the Insomnia something must be in the air. I am doing the same thing today. Up at 4am, tossed and turned and finally out of bed at 5. I have the coffee brewing and the web scanning is beginning. You were my first stop :o)