Sunday, August 29, 2010

True Friends

Hi to everyone reading my Blog, although there are not many of you yet, I hope to get more followers as time goes on.
It occured to me today as I was thinking about what I am planning for my Friends Swap, how hard it is to make true friends.
I guess it has happened to many of us, that you meet some people and you think you are truly good friends, only to find out later that you were wrong, and they turned out to just be manipulative type of people who were out to get what they could from you, and when they were sick of you, they tossed you aside.
This happended to me late last year with 2 so called "friends" - women who I had shared my confidences with, and opened up my heart to. Only to have it "trodden on" as they decided that I was no longer welcome in their lives.
But I do believe in Karma, or whatever you want to call it "Revenge is mine, sayeth The Lord". So as much as I was dreadfully hurt at the time, and felt that I wanted to "get back" at them both in some way, I knew that is not the true nature of my heart, nor would I ever want to be that vindictive, as they had been. So I have just bided my time, and I have now found 4 new quilting groups that I go to on various days of the week.
I have been accepted unconditionally in each group, with a genuine friendliness extended to me that was never there before when I met with the other 2 women once a week for quilting. I have also learnt so much from other ladies in these groups, as well as the women who lead and teach. Things that I would never have found out about, or learnt to do if I had stayed "cocooned" in the small group of the 3 of us. As we were not actually learning to quilt when we met, we really just did hand stitching.
So, I am actually thankful that I was "culled" from the "Group of 3" as I am now much happier and I have met so many lovely women, and I have learnt so much since the beginning of this year.
So if it ever happens to you, take heart, as you will find that there is a reason for everything that happens in our life, and you may find yourself much better off than you were before.


  1. Hi Sue, Welcome to blogland. I've only been blogging for a couple of weeks and I am loving every minute of it. I hope it brings you much fun too. I love the name of tour blog and the beautiful photo in your header

  2. Sue, I was worried about you. Than I saw this post. Glad you are o.k. In reference to your post. I do understand the position you were in. I too have been there. On the other hand I have to say god closes one door but he always opens another.

  3. Thankyou Melissa, I too believe that I have learnt from this, and that God has opened up other quilting groups and other wonderful women to me, who have become closer friends in a few short months than those other 2 were in all the time I knew them!

  4. you're off to a great start with your blogging Susan and you may be surprised at how many people read your blog. Not everyone who pops by is a follower necessarily.
    and btw I think you were right about the fairies at my place ! Maybe I'm just too slow to see them [ LOL ]

  5. All right ladies.... I went to catsmum blog and I did not see anything about faires... What's the story?? Also I saw the cashmere scarf. I have not read that section yet. Sue, remember we telling you about the ridiculous overpriced scarf something like $250.00 It looked like that. It never occured to me that it may be cashmere but still I purchase $15.00 of yarn and do it myself. Once I learned to knit. lol