Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am already having lots of fun with this FRIENDS swap - what a great idea it is! My friend lives in New York State (not the city) and we are finding out lots about each other, mainly through emails as some info is personal. I spent almost all day today on the laptop writing emails, and searching various quilting websites for some nice new fabric for the BOM from Cinderberry Stitches called Tail Feathers. It just really appealed to me, as it has some stitchery in it, so I bought it for myself. My hubbie has been happy lately, because I could not drive while my knee has been recovering, he has noticed a definite reduction in payments out, so he has been squirrelling away as much as possible towards our new house.
Well, I saw the Surgeon on Wednesday, and I now have the "all clear" to drive again (it has been 12 weeks since surgery!) and I heard my hubbie give a little "sigh" when the Doc said it was realises that is the end of the "spare money" at the end of the pay fortnight!
I was sitting thinking about what to buy/make/find for my Friend in the US, and one thing suddenly came to me - so I actually started on it tonight - I hope she likes it when she receives it. We have agreed not to spend too much, as we will have overseas postage to add to our pressies too. Are any of you other ladies, getting "light bulb moments" when you think of something that would be just great for your Friend? It was lovely to just sit in front of the fire, and play on the laptop today, but I must admit (and I really didn't think I would ever say this) - I am just sooo over the cold weather and the rain!! It may have something to do with me being stuck inside basically for the last 12 weeks, but I say "Hey, roll on Spring!"
Anyway, once the good weather is here they can start actually doing the building of the house so that will be exciting to see it finally going up. It seems ages since we signed the contract.
Well, I hope you are having fun thinking of great ideas for your FRIENDS Swap too! Byee for now! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

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