Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not more patterns?? sigh...Yes, more patterns!!

I noticed on another blog that Calico Cottage was having a 50% off sale on their patterns. I can never resist a bargain, so I had a look at everything, and I have bought about 6 new patterns. I have so many patterns really, that even if I never bought another one, I would probably die before I could make I alone in this over-indulgence? Or, are there other quilters out there who cant resist a bargain, even though they know they dont really need the pattern or fabric or embellishment they are buying?
What is it with us quilters? I was warned before I started that quilting is addictive, and boy! that is an understatement!
I think I could manage to make quilts and bags and wall hangings for ages before I even went close to running out of fabric. I might need some more bits n pieces, but actual fabric - no - I have enough to fill a small shop!
So I really cant wait until my knee replacement Surgeon says I am allowed to drive again so I can get back to my classes, as I find it much more motivating to get things done if I am at a class - do you?
I am going to a couple of groups at the moment, and I have met some really lovely ladies, and I am learning more all the time.
Well, it is now 1.30am, so I must get some sleep ~ so until next time, keep stitching ~ and bye for now.

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  1. Welcome to Blogland
    Isnt Khris just the lovliest person?
    Hope your knee gets better soon