Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gorgeous Patterns

I have been having fun jumping from Blog to Blog - I just cant stop, this is addictive! Anyway I found that gorgeous thread on Jenny of Elefantz's blog, which lead me to finding those gorgeous Cosmo threads, that everyone raves about, so I have ordered some of them from a website. Then I am not sure how, but I got onto a fabulous blog called Don't Look Now which lead me to her (I cant remember her name :0/.....) anyway I was reading all this news and looking at these fabulous designs - so I went over to her shop and I have bought the quilt and the matching set of pillows - I mean, I have 2 little granddaughters - what was I to do? I just HAD to buy them. Now I just need to find out HOW to do the raw edge applique.

I wasnt a Blogger when this lady (what IS her name...?) it is 2.44am and I am sitting up in bed typing this so please forgive my forgetting your name if you read this....anyway I wasnt a Blogger when she had the week-end at Hetties Patch quilt shop - I used to go to classes there).Maybe there will be another teaching weekend or workshop arranged another time - but you just HAVE to look at this lady's range of patterns in her online shop for sale, she just does the most gorgeous things! She says they are easy, but I have my doubts about that.Anyway I have bought 2 patterns and paid for them (thank heavens I had some money in my Paypal Account)......I just fell in love with them. Go on....go over to her Blog, then have a look in her shop, just beautiful stuff!Well I really MUST go to sleep now - I am hoping Khris from Sew Prim Khris rings me later today, to help me learn some more of how to Blog.Off to sleep now (well, after I read for awhile, and have a hot chocolate) - I really am a night owl!!

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  1. we have so much in common, 2 grandkids, we both love the Lord, we both like to quilt, and we both love Kellie Whulfson's patterns! Aren't they great!
    Love your blog and nice to meet another Aussie blogger!
    Have a great night!
    Jen xo