Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Friends gift swap

I am spending a lot of time at home at present, as I am recovering from a knee replacement. It has been just over 10 weeks now, but I am still not allowed to drive. Consequently I have been on the computer for hours - doesnt it eat up your time! Anyway that was what made me decide to create a Blog, as I saw the Friends swap on Sew Prim Khris and it sounded like great fun. I wanted to be a part of it, so with heaps of help from Khris, I have my Blog up and running, such fun!
I am hoping as time goes by to give you links to some free patterns for quilting and embroidery.
They are my 2 main craft loves at the moment, although because of my knee, I havent been able to do much - so I have been knitting! I am on to my 4th scarf! I made one for each of my daughters, then one for me to match a new jacket I have, and now I am onto another one, which I may keep or give away as a gift, I am not sure just yet.

If you are a quilter I want to tell you about a fabulous fabric shop in the USA, called they have a gorgeous range of fabrics, and they always have some of their range on sale. I do like to support Australian shops whenever I can, but sometimes it does work out much cheaper to buy from overseas.

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  1. I am pleased I could give you a helping hand Sue...I am sure you will be just fine now. Hugs Khris