Thursday, June 7, 2012

Before I Go...

This message was on a Facebook page of a friend of mine, and I thought I would share it with you before I close down my blog.

The enemy will try to attack our self-worth, our identity, in any way he can. And he will use anyone and anything to do it - sometimes even those who are close to us.
Recognise it for what it is - our battle is not against flesh and blood.
If you are feeling "battered" use the word of God to re-establish yourself.
I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ my Lord.
I am His cherished possession.
I am the apple of His eye.
I am loved, adored, redeemed, called by name and I will not allow the enemy to come and knock me down. Jesus is my foundation, my Rock and my Deliverer.
Yes I will make mistakes, but God is my help and He gives me wisdom, discernment, strength and power to love and live the way HE wants me.
I forgive those who hurt me and I release them to You Lord
and I thankyou that You loved us first - whilst we were still sinners.
Fill me with your love anew, afresh and may the peace of God reign.

This message has helped me a lot today, as I have been struggling all yesterday and today with an email that was sent to me yesterday morning.  What was said in the email was quite unnecessary, very cutting, very terse, and very hurtful from someone I used to hold in high regard.  I have come to the conclusion though that I will NEVER please this person.  They obviously hate me, and I cant change what they think of me, and to tell you the truth, I just really dont care anymore. 
As the Bible tells me.. I should just shake the dust off my sandals and keep walking.... they will one day stand before God and be accountable for their behaviour and their actions.
I have "goodness and kindness" following me for the rest of my days.
God Bless you, my loyal Followers.  If I do start up a new blog, I will contact you special people to let you know where you can find me.


  1. You are only responsible for what you think, do or say. Tell this person you can no longer participate in their misery. Keep your blog, your Facebook, your email ... all of the things you enjoy. The delete button on your keyboard is a handy tool.

  2. That first paragraph is so true. The trouble is that someone's poison like that can stay in your mind for a long time, but if you get any more emails from her, I'd just delete them without even looking at them. I really hope she's not someone you come in contact with in real life?