Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Found some UFO's!!

Hi, Hubbie picked up some of my stash from his Mum's on Monday afternoon, when he went down there to be with her while she had a Doctor's visit, as we wanted to know a bit more about what is wrong with her.  She has hurt her back badly and is in a lot of pain. 
Anyway that got sorted out, and I asked hubbie to bring back some of my STASH when he was leaving.
I tell you, it was a bit like CHRISTMAS!!  Finding all these fabrics and things that I had all but forgotten I had, and THREE of the items packed away were UFO quilt tops!!
Sampler Quilt
Here they are:  This first one is made with pretty soft colours, in blues, pinks, whites and creams.  It is a Sampler Quilt that I did at a class run by Carolyn Fuller at Stitch in Time.  Stitch in Time was a fabulous shop, but alas, it has now closed like so many other quilt shops, and the owner, Rosemary runs it from home as an online business - not quite the same though.
This quilt is in soft muted tones again, blue, pink, apricot and cream, with a pink ticking border (which I am not sure that I like really).  This design came from a quilting magazine, but I cant remember the name of it.  It is a simple design using 2 1/2" strips and some small squares, so you could use a jelly roll and perhaps a charm pack to make this design.
Easy Peasy Design
Made with a Jelly Roll
Finally this design is made mostly from a Jelly Roll, and it is from a class I started at a fabulous shop called Kornercraft in Gawler, South Australia.  This is not finished, but I am SO glad to have found it, as I can now go back to the classes and the teacher who designed this quilt, and go on to finish it.... well that is the plan at least!  Cheryl is the teacher, and she is just a really lovely lady and very patient as a teacher.  I made some wonderful friends at this quilt group at Kornercraft, and they have kept in touch with me during my LOOONNGG recovery time from my 2nd knee replacement, so I cant wait to go back to these classes!!
Also thought I would show you a few photos of little Ladybird (who will be 2 in March next year) when hubbie and I looked after her last Thursday as my daughter was working, and Ladybird had a bit of a cold so my daughter didnt want to send her to Childcare.  Here she is - she is just SO CUTE!!

YAY!!  I love my Nanny!!
Who said I couldnt have chocolate dessert??
Our daughter dropped in here after work, and she had picked up her older daughter, Sugarplum who is 4 now - so here are some photos of Sugarplum too.
Look at that gorgeous complexion! (Hers, not mine!!)
Sugarplum just loves Nanny's pretty bed!
We were having fun with me holding the camera in front of us :0)  I wish my teeth were as white as Sugarplum's!!

Well, Hugs n Blessings to everyone from Sue in Oz xx


  1. Sue what lovely UFO's...sounds like you are in a good group....your ladybird is so very cute...

  2. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Yours, Ulla