Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Fridge!!

Just lining it up to fit!
Nice shiny, new fridge, just being levelled
Hi Everyone, I just thought I would show you our new fridge that arrived last Saturday.  Now, why am I so excited about a fridge you might ask??  Well, since we moved into our new house on May 11th this year, we have had our 16 year old fridge (with the broken handle) in the garage.
This is our old/broken handled fridge - looks a bit sad, dont you think?
 It was my choice actually because I asked the removal guys when we first moved here to put the old fridge there, thinking we would be getting a new fridge fairly soon.  Well, I was wrong, wasnt I??
Fits in nicely next to my wall oven etc.

So here we are, FIVE MONTHS later, and finally getting the new fridge   It is no big deal really of course, we are so blessed to have what we have, it has just been a nuisance, and a bit awkward having to go out to the garage every time you want something from the fridge.  Our pantry has a door directly through to our double garage, so it has not been too bad - just "fun" when you are trying to juggle, bread/marg/chicken/salad/mayo/drink etc., to make some lunch or whatever.
Also thought I would show you how I am going with the scrappy Girlie Girl quilt I am making.  I laid it out on a white sheet on my bed to play with the colours etc.  I am hoping to do more on it today.  Then put another one together & hopefully give them to Sugarplum and Ladybird for Christmas.
This is the Girlie Girl quilt not yet finished
Here is a photo of the goodies I received from the Sew We Quilt blog where Mdm Samm has been having heaps of Tutorials and fun Giveaways - go have a look!  I won a jelly roll of Flurry by Moda, designed by Kate Spain, and Mdm Samm also gave me some Presencia thread and a little pattern.  Thankyou Samm!!  So much of a thrill to win something!!
This is our little front yard now...
It is a lovely Spring day here, and I cant wait until we get our front garden done.  I have chosen to have some standard roses, and some pretty little shrubs - so this is how it looks now, and hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to show you the garden all planted, and new lawn, and roses, and greenery, and pretty things, and, and... well you get the idea - (I am just a bit excited)!!  As we were one of the first 200 to buy a block of land in this new area, the company creating this new subdivision offered us free landscaping to our front garden!  Great huh??
I am standing on my verandah looking to the left...

 Then hubbie has quite a bit of work to do to get our back yard all done - hopefully by Christmas, as we want to have Christmas here this year.  It will be the first time in 18 years that we wont be all squashed into our tiny little lounge room from our old house.  We used to take out the lounge suite and put up a tresle table in there to try to fit everyone in (a bit squeezy!) 
Now looking to the right....
This is looking down the side part of our front yard
Hubbie is still working on the retaining wall out the front too

This part near the footpath will be better too - see Oscar digging?
Oh! I am just feeling SO blessed and happy - a beautiful day... a wonderful family... so many things to be thankful for...

Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx


  1. It's very nice congrats on the new fridge and the beautiful new house. It was a wonderful day here (Long Island) New York also, enjoy! ;->

  2. Thankyou tpott - I would leave you a comment on your blog, but I couldnt get to it, even though I clicked on your name. Hugs, Sue xx

  3. You are so very patient to wait so long for your new fridge...i'm happy for you to now be enjoying it.

    Thanks for sharing your fun quilts and nice home. =)