Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hospital - AGAIN!!

Well, I am off to hospital - AGAIN - but wait....this time it is not for my knee!
THIS time I have to go in, as I have a a bad chest infection, and it has exacerbated my asthma.  I thought I had been going so well, as the last time I was hospitalised for this was in December 2009, about a week before Christmas.  So because I got through all of 2010 without having to go into hospital for my asthma or related problems, I thought I was going really well.
Woke up Wednesday last week with what I thought was hayfever, but by Friday I knew it was a bacterial infection on my chest, so I went straight onto antibiotics (my Specialist makes me keep a spare prescription for some all the time).  I wasnt much better, so by Monday I knew I needed Cortisone so went to my GP who said to take them for 3 days.
Late Monday and Tuesday I felt pretty bad, and was having to use my Nebuliser as home about every 3 hours.... so I thought that things were not getting better.
Unfortunately my Specialist is not at his rooms on a Wednesday, so I hung on until Thursday morning, and hubbie took me over there, and of course the verdict was what I expected - into hospital for about 5 days, same old pattern, another type of antibiotic, increase dosage of Cortisone, Ventolin Nebulisers every couple of hours, and Saline nebulisers in between to loosen the congestion on my lungs.
All very standard for me, but I have to be a good girl and go, even though I HATE being in hospital with a passion!!  But in the past I have resisted, and ended up with Pnuemonia, or a collapsed lung etc., - so I agreed to go.  I always prefer to go to a private hospital nearby, but my Specialist is not working on the weekend, so I have to go to our local public hospital, which is quite good, but very little chance of a private room like you get in the private hospitals.  I was supposed to go in today, but they didnt have a bed for me in the Respiratory Unit, so I would have had to stay overnight in a little sort of side ward off of the Emergency Department, and I just knew I would be better off home tonight, as I dont sleep well in hospital at the best of times - but definitely not in that little "Ward" (I have been there before, you see).
So I am praying for a bed to be available tomorrow morning, hopefully just a share room rather than a ward, as the Ventolin Nebulisers exacerbate my headaches into migraines, so I really need a quiet dark room.
So gals, that's where I will be for the next 4 or 5 days (I hope no longer than that).  So I will be "off the air" until I get home.  I have this laptop, but I dont have the thingameejig you need for it to be used away from home.
Eeeek!!  Whatever shall I do without my computer???
Well, yes......Rest, I hear you say.....Relax, I hear you say......Sleep, I hear you say.......De-Stress, I hear you say.......Read, I hear you say - so ok, ok I will do those things, I promise.
In many ways it is a blessing in disguise, as this weekend my hubbie is ripping up the carpet in 2 rooms, and polishing the floor boards ready to sell the house, so there will be a lot of dust and fumes from the paint, which is not good for my asthma, or my migraines.
I had planned to maybe stay at my Mum and Dads home for a couple of days, as it is empty (they are both in a Nursing Home now) - but I would be alone, and that can be quite risky with such bad asthma and all the other complications I have at the moment.  So it should all work out okay, and then when I return home, hopefully next Tuesday, the floors will be all finished!
We have had to put the Open Inspection and Photos for the Internet for the sale of this house back another week cos there is just still SO MUCH to achieve!!  This is not a big house, but it is on a big block of land, and there were lots of things we wanted to do to make it as neat and tidy as possible.
Our new home is coming along nicely!  We had the Bullnose Verandah installed this week, and the canopy over the Queen Anne Bay window, as well as the concrete laid where the Alfresco is, and where the front return verandah is - I dont have photos uploaded at the moment.  I will show you some more when I get home again.
So I am "signing off" for a few days - hope you are all well, Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx


  1. As you say, if this had to happen, this next few days is exactly the right time for you to be somewhere else. I hope you get well soon - hey, could you get your knee done while you're there - 2 for the price of one type of idea?

  2. Thanks Gals, No such luck unfortunately Sue! Although when I go in to have my knee re-done in May this year, the gap will only be $100 instead of the normal $200, as it will be my 3rd hospital visit so far that year....small mercies! Hugs n Blessings from Sue x