Friday, February 25, 2011

Update on New House

Well, I just thought I would update some info on our new house, as all of a sudden quite a few things have been done!
My hubbie went there last week to see if anymore had been done, and lo and behold, the tiler was there, tiling away!! So we now have the 2 bathrooms tiled, and the laundry has been done.I decided to go there the following day to have a look, and as I went down the front hall, and walked into the kitchen area, I was blown away cos they had finally done the kitchen!! Yay, at last!! I was really thrilled to see it, as we had spent quite a lot extra on the kitchen. This is looking at the kitchen from the Family Room.
Also all of our selections were done on the 3rd of March last year!! So it was quite difficult to remember everything we had selected. So it was quite exciting to see everything made and in place, well not everything, as the stove is not in yet, and the chap was still putting the handles on the doors, but I was able to see how the kitchen will look, and I was thrilled to bits!!
I am really happy with the whole look of it, as it has a real "Country" look to it.
I am really thrilled with my large kitchen window - it is called a Square Bay Window and I have a large double sink with full size draining on each side. We are planning to put up a Pergola at the spot, which will shade it from the morning sun.
We also now have all our shelves in the pantry, and the storeroom, and the walk-in-robe and the other built in robes are all finished now too. This is a look into the Pantry, where we can walk through to the garage. So that will be really handy to be able to drive into the garage, and then walk into the house through the Pantry. The painters were there as well, and I was very impressed with the work they were doing. I chatted to the Painter and he gave me some good ideas, so I was happy to agree with what he suggested.
So....all in all, feeling very pleased with how things are going at the moment - maybe the house will be ready at the end of March, as the Builder has said. I have always felt that it is more likely to be mid April, but now I am not so sure.
Also an update on my knee surgery, I cant get it done until the 31st of May! Well, I will just have to put up with it until then, as my Surgeon is having holidays, so that is why I have to wait until then. Actually it might work out for the best, because of the move and everything, I might actually be a bit settled in the new home by then.
I also went to the new quilting group I belong to on Wednesday this week, and had a great time - everyone is just so friendly and helpful. They are a great bunch of ladies, although we do spend more time chatting and laughing than stitching I think!! Hugs n Blessings to everyone!


  1. The house is looking beautiful, Sue! Love the kitchen cabinetry. Sounds like a delay in the knee surgery may be a good thing.

  2. Thanks Terri, yes I am sure God has it all worked out for me for the best. I am really pleased with the cabinetry of the kitchens was quite difficult choosing from a small sample piece, for the colours etc., and then from a book for the design of the doors, but I am really pleased with how it all looks now. Hugs n Blessings from Sue x

  3. The kitchen is just beautiful, and even thoguh you have to wait a bit longer than you wanted, at least you have a date for your surgery, and it will give you time to get moved in and settled a bit, so when you're convalescing you can sit around taking it easy in your lovely new home.

  4. Thankyou Sue, yes I will just count down the weeks until I get my knee done, and we might be a bit settled when I get home from hospital, so I can limp around and just recover in my new home. Hugs n Blessiings from Sue