Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something Finished & A Great Giveaway!!

Well, I know this doesnt qualify as quilting etc., but it IS a UFO that has been waiting to be done for simply AGES!! Hubbie had a long sleep nightshirt that he liked, but he wanted it to have short sleeves, and he had been asking me to fix it for a long, long time. Well, I "bit the bullet" the other day and decided to do it there and then instead of putting it off again.
Got out the scissors, and one of his normal t-shirts as a guide, and "chop, chop" the long sleeves were gone.....gulp.....and I had to sew the edges so the fabric would not run or fray. I have an overlocker (it was Mum's) but I have never been taught how to use it as yet - another "To Do" on my list this year - have a couple of lessons on how to work my overlocker.

Anyway I have a great Bernina 440 QE which has heaps of stitches, so I found one which was very close to overlocking anyway. I used that on the raw edge, and then folded up the hem and stitched that twice, and you know what? It actually turned out rather well (even if I do say so myself)!

Hubbie was quite thrilled to have it, and be able to wear it now, and I was pleased to have it "off my mind" - so.... 1 item done, 54 million to go well maybe not quite that many, but you know what I mean. Go over to Sew Its Finished, and join up for motivation on getting stuck into that UFO pile this year.
Also just wanted to add a cute photo of my pal Oscar, who will be 7 in March. Here he is sitting in his favourite spot - on top of our lounge - so he can survey our property out the window and keep all "burglars" away! He is a good little watch dog, but he just wont stop barking when we tell him to, hmmm... very frustrating.I got him as a tiny 8 week old puppy when I recently had to give up work, and I couldnt drive, and couldnt walk around easily and all sorts of things (a long story) - so he became my Therapy Dog, and consequently is totally devoted to me, and follows me everywhere. He is a dear little fellow (except when he barks at strangers, which is fine, but he doesnt know when to stop) and he is an Apricot Toy Poodle. I have had a poodle since I was about 22 - they are great for me, as I am an asthmatic, and of course they dont lose hair, as they have "wool" instead.

I have also added a couple of photos of our other little white toy poodle called Teddy. We sort of rescued him quite a few years ago now, and he is totally devoted to my hubbie. Teddy is almost blind and deaf, and he is 16! He follows my hubbie everywhere, and when hubbie goes out, Teddy stands near the front door crying.....isnt that just so cute!! As you can tell, hubbie and I are dog lovers, although we do love all animals, dogs are our favourites.
Oh! also, before I forget I must tell you about a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY from The Gum Tree Designers - I have a link to their blog on their button on the right side of my blog, or you can find them here.
Well, bye for now, hugs n blessings to you all.


  1. Great job on the night shirt!
    Your pups are adorable!! Try spritzing Oscar with water from a spray bottle when he won't listen to you to stop barking.

  2. Ha..ha.. I might try that, although I think I might end up with wet furniture!! Hugs from Sue xx