Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changes to My Blog

Sooo.... if you have noticed a few changes to my blog..... you would be..... correct!!
Yes, I have been playing with things. Dawn from As Sweet as Cinnamon has been helping me today, to learn how to change things like my Header, and adding Pages to my blog - so it may take me a bit of time to get it right. Isnt it amazing how long you can spend on the computer without realising how it "eats up your time"?
Hubbie and I popped over to see Dawn and her family this afternoon, had a cuppa and some afternoon tea, then she and I went onto the computer while the guys sat outside watching the girls play.
Before I knew it, my hubbie was back inside to say we'd better get going, as it was 6.10pm!!
Wow! That time just flew by! Anyway, thanks Dawn, it was fun - and I will keep "playing" and try to remember the things you taught me.
Hugs n Blessings to everyone!


  1. looks good the background so you

  2. Thanks gals!! Yes, I am really happy with it too. Although I had to go through about 12 other patterns before I found one I really liked. I think I will always keep my Cherry Blossom picture at the top as "My Signature" so when someone sees that picture, they know it is Country Blossoms. Hugs n Blessings, Sue x