Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi again... latest news

Hi everyone!
Sorry to have taken a long time to write anything on my blog.  I had been pretty busy earlier in the year, with a new grandson and running the new Craft Connection at the church we go to now.
Here is a cute photo of my 2 little granddaughters watching their Daddy change the oil on the car... SO cute!

My 2 little Granddaughters watching their Daddy - oh so cute!

I was also getting as organised as I could be for my knee replacement surgery - yes... AGAIN!!  This time on my left knee.

Here is a more recent photo of our little grandson who is over 2 months old now.  He is growing so FAST!!  His Mummy (our youngest daughter) took him to the Paediatrician for his 6 weeks check up, and the Doctor said "Are you sure you are not giving him steroids!!"  Ha..ha.. he is growing so fast, and smiling and laughing now, and getting little chubby cheeks... SO gorgeous!

Hasn't he grown!!  He is over 2 months old now

I have now had THREE knee replacements (as I had two done on my right knee as the first one I had trouble with.. long story).
So here I am sitting up in bed and I will put some "before" and "after" photos of my left knee on the blog.  Yes, a bit gruesome to look at I guess, but that is just the way it is.  It doesnt look quite so bad now, as it has been 2 weeks and 2 days since I had it done.  I stayed in hospital 10 days again.

So once again I start the loooonnngg rehabilitation time with lots of Physio visits and lots of very painful exercises.
I have put in a few photos of the grandchildren too, cos they are all so gorgeous!!
Just found out the other day that hubbie's 2nd daughter is expecting another baby in December too!  That will make grandchild number seven!!

Again it's sideways, sorry - Sugarplum wearing Mummy's new slippers (just a tad too big for her)

Sorry it's sideways - Little Ladybug playing with her new hair clips

Well, I am tired so I will say "bye" for now - just wanted you to know that I am still around, and mainly just doing hand stitching at the moment until I am able to get back to my sewing machine.

Sorry that the "after" photo of my knee is a bit gruesome looking, but believe me, it actually FELT heaps worse than it looked!!  Thank heavens I am out of hospital now, and the worst part of the pain (generally the first 4 days) are gone.  Now I just have the LONG rehab to go to try to get it to bend to at least 90 degrees, and to go out straight too.

Left leg "before"

Left leg "after"

Hugs n blessings to you all :0) xxx


  1. Sweetie, Another surgery...I will pray for a quick recovery with little discomfort. The good thing is our hobby and passion can also be portable. Bring a few square's with you to rehab and enjoy the relaxation of hand sewing. I am thinking of you and miss you!


  2. I'm sorry I've not visited for a while. Life sort of catches up with me from time to time.

    Anyway, all the grandies look wonderful, and I can't believe how much the baby has grown.

    Sorry about the knee too. Hopefully this one will heal up more easily.