Friday, December 9, 2011

New Garden Photos (at last!)

Well here are some of the photos I have promised to put on my Blog to show you my new front garden.  The ground had to be levelled out first
So thankful that we didnt have to do all this ourselves
So this is how it used to look in the area outside the Queen Anne Bay window
Now the plants are starting to be put in
Now it looks like this!
This is the other side of the little path "before"
And "during" with the underground watering system in place
Looking towards the corner of our block out the front before the lawn went down
A closer look at the right hand side

This is around the side of our house out the front too

They spread good soil in preparation for the lawn to be rolled out

A close up of the Maggie Tabberer standard rose - we have 18 of them out the front now!

Here is Oscar inspecting the work

Hmmm... did they do this part correctly??

I am standing on my verandah near my front door taking this photo

I am standing on my driveway looking across at the garden, but before the lawn was planted

Another view of the gorgeous roses we have now

Beginning to look good!!  They hadnt tied the roses to the stakes though when I took this photo.  They are all done now though!
Here is the lawn all planted.  We are able to water all the garden from underneath as well as top watering, which we have been doing to stop the lawn from dying out in the heat
This is a photo from down the side of our block out the front - see how the Agapanthus have already started to flower!!
I just love this rose, it is called Pierre de Ronsard, & is a climbing rose. We have one on each side of our paved path, and will get a garden arch for the roses to climb on as soon as we can.  The colours of my garden are white & pink roses and blue from the Lavender and the Agananthus and of course green from everything else. 
The lawn is really going well, and we have been having some rain too which is a big help.
So, I hope you have enjoyed my little tour of my front garden, and I guess this is a good record for me to see how it all looked when it was first planted.
We just feel so blessed that we were given this front garden by Delfin as we were one of the first 200 people to buy a block of land in this new development.

Hugs n Blessings to you all from Sue xx


  1. It all looks lovely. Did you get to choose the plants and the design or were they part of the "package"?

  2. Your new garden certainly looks lovely Sue.

  3. Hi, and thanks Sue and Christine (funny, my sister's name is Christine, and I am a Sue!!).
    Yes, we were able to choose what we wanted, and how we wanted it laid out, although we consulted with a Landscaper from Delfin to help & advise us, but pretty much everything I wanted I got!! I am just waiting now for 2 more standard white roses in a spot near the driveway. I originally didnt want them there, but now that I can see everything, I would like two more. They also have to replace one little plant that died, but I cant remember the name of it. I also have miniature Geraldton Wax, and mini Lavenders, and Rosemary (the herb) and I cant remember the others at the moment, but suffice to say we are SUPER thrilled with it all, and it is just a nice manageable size for us to keep it looking good. Hubbie is working hard out the back doing the retaining wall, and we get our artificial turf put in on Monday. It is too shady out the back for real lawn to grow, but we like the look of lawn, so that is why we are getting "fake" lawn. It looks SO real though!! I will show you more photos later.
    Hugs from Sue xx

  4. Looks absolutely stunning! Wait till all the roses are in bloom!