Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Again!

Well, I thought I had better say "Hi" and let you all know I am still around. I havent posted anything for a while as it has been a bit chaotic here lately. Lots to do, as we will be selling our house very soon. So HEAPS busy trying to get it to the stage where we are comfortable to have it for an Open Inspection - for anyone who doesnt know what that is, we leave the house very tidy and clean etc., and the Real Estate Agent comes here for about an hour one Saturday or Sunday and any potential buyers can come have a look through the house. Before then it is advertised extensively on the internet and in the paper etc., and has a big For Sale sign out the front.
We are gradually tidying up this house (we have lived here 17 years) so we have heaps of clutter, well to correct that, I have heaps of clutter and hubbie has heaps of paperwork clutter, and heaps of shed clutter. So we are trying to be ruthless, and get rid of lots of stuff, but I didnt realise how large my fabric stash was until we started to box it all up - I have enough to start a shop!! Also so many patterns, even if I lived to be 100 I would never finish them all. So I have been FORBIDDEN to buy any more, until I use up some of my stash (which is fair enough really). As I want nice things for our new house, as well as even the basic necessities like curtains and blinds, floor coverings may take a while, although ducted air conditioning would be wonderful to get straight away, we will have to wait and see how much we get for the house we are selling.
My sister and her hubbie came down for a week's holiday just recently - they live in Queensland, but thankfully were not affected by the floods, and they wanted to see our new house so they came out for a drive last week and brought my Dad with them. We had not looked at the house over the Christmas/New Year break, as we knew that all the tradesmen would be on holidays and nothing would be happening. So it was thrilling the other day to go there, and find that we have doors!! This is the front door which has leadlight in it. I chose it in March last year from a Catalogue!! So it was quite a thrill to actually see it, and I am really pleased with the design and the quality. I chose a matching side glass leadlight to match. We also have the cupboards in the ensuite, bathroom, laundry and bedrooms 3 and 4. The carpenter was there, and about to do the shelving in the Pantry and the Storeroom as well as the architraves around the doors and the skirting boards and other bits n pieces, so I have got some more photos to show you. This is the main bathroom cupboard, without the basin in it yet though. I am very happy with the colours. Lastly a photo of the mirrored wardrobe in bedroom 2, which shows the little hexagonal window in that room too.

I have also included a few photos of a couple of quilting items I have actually finished, as I realised that I have never shown any photos of my sewing on my blog, so this is the quilt I made for my granddaughter's first birthday, and I am making one in the same design (but different colours) for my 2nd granddaughter's first birthday

(well I hope it is finished by then). I also bought the 1st one a 9ct gold little heart locket bracelet, so I will get the same for the 2nd granddaughter's birthday too. This is the back of the quilt, done in a pretty pink fabric with little bunnies on it. This is the labels I put on it. One was done in hand stitching, saying "Hand Made with love in every stitch etc." and the other label just explains about washing the quilt. I hope my granddaughter will love it when she is old enough to appreciate all the work in it, and keep it to show her own children one day. I am still working on the 2nd quilt for granddaughter No. 2, for her 1st Birthday, so I am just showing you the stitchery I have finished so far.

I am also showing you a very practical tote bag I made ages ago, which has come in very handy for quilt/craft classes. I have made another one too in black and white for my daughter to use as a "nappy" bag/utility bag when she goes out with the 2 girls - so I must get a photo of that too to show you. The Christmas stitchery is a recently found UFO that I am working on again, as I had to choose just a few items to keep out to work on while we are packing up the house, so this was one thing I kept out to try to finish. It is by Cinderberry Stitches. I just love the range of designs that Cinderberry Stitches make - they are so cute!!
Unfortunately, I havent always taken photos of the items I have made, but now that I have this blog, I will try to remember to take them, as I always enjoy looking at other people's items, so I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the items I have made. Well, I hope you have all been having a good New Year, I love to hear from you, so please leave me a comment! Hugs n Blessings from Sue xx

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