Monday, January 3, 2011

My UFO List

Well, here goes nothing - I will put down in this post the list of UFO's that I can remember I have, and would like to finish. Although there may actually be more to be done, as we have started to pack up my quilting stash in preparation to putting this house on the market.
UFO LIST - In No Particular Order:
Sweetiepie's Cot Quilt with Stitchery
Hubbie's Quilt
Ladybug Quilt for Sweetiepie
Handmade Teddy for Sweetiepie
My very FIRST quilt which just needs the
hand quilting finished, and the binding done
Sugarplums Stitchery Quilt
Neptune's Star Quilt
Teddy's Garden Quilt
Cot quilt for Step Granddaughter
Nappy Bag for Step Daughter No. 2
Sampler Quilt in pink and blue
Burgundy Quilt
Nappy Bag for Daughter No. 2 (in readiness for when she has a baby)
Handmade Cushion for my Sister
Bag for Step Daughter No. 1
Bag for me - from a kit
Christmas Advent Calendar with embellishments
Christmas Stockings for each grandchild
Quilt for Step Grandson No. 1
Quilt for Step Grandson No. 2
1st BOM kit I ever bought
Many ribbon embroideries
Many beaded embroideries
Well I think that might do for a start, dont you? They are just the items I can think of at the moment!! I am sure there are many other UFO's lurking in boxes or cupboards somewhere.
But, I have to start somewhere, dont I? I have had to pack away quite a lot of my quilting/sewing stuff ready for selling this house, so many of my UFO's have probably been packed away already, waiting until we move into our new house, but they are still UFO's and therefore need to be on the list. Oh, I realise that I havent even mentioned all of the Scrapbooking pages/albums that I want to do, but that is another story! Roll on getting into our new house, and me being able to store all my stash neatly and in some kind of order!!
But we are at least very blessed that we have a house that is not flooded out - like the poor people in upper Queensland. So I am blessed to still have my stash and my UFO's!!
Dont forget to go to Sew Its Finished if you too would like to join the blog to get help and motivation to finish some of your UFO's this New Year of 2011 too!
Hugs n Blessings until next time.

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  1. Wowwee, that's some list. At least it looks like you'll have some hand work to do while the removal men are packing you up and moving you!